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HSU Forms


Form Number Title/Details Department Direct Link To Formsort icon
STD-699 Direct Deposit Form Human Resources
PR 11 Evening and Night Shift Differential Time Voucher Payroll
Student Wage Schedule Human Resources
Student Payroll Action Request (SPAR) Human Resources
PR 42 Substitute Faculty Time Voucher Payroll
PR 43 Special Consultant Time Voucher Payroll
PR 54 Absence Excess Hours Holiday Worked Payroll
PR 55 Informal Leave Without Pay Payroll
PR 64 Casual Worker Time Voucher Payroll
University-owned Wireless Devices Financial Services
SPF Appointment Process Chart Sponsored Programs Foundation
HSU Green and Gold Calendar for 2010-2011 Human Resources
HSU Green and Gold Calendar for 2011-2012 Human Resources
SPF Payroll Schedule 2014 Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Direct Deposit Payroll Application Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Payroll, Benefits, and HR Directory of Services Sponsored Programs Foundation
PR 8 Intermittent Hourly Time Voucher Payroll
HSU Green and Gold Calendar for 2012-2013 Payroll Department
Understanding Your State of California Pay Warrant Human Resources
2 EMSA Overtime Authorization Form Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Pay Human Resources
Special Consultant Request Instructions Human Resources
Procard Reconciliation Instruction Manual Contracts and Procurement
APS Form 610 Advice of Separation: Instructional Student Assistants Academic Personnel Services

APS Form 510 Advice of Separation: Lecturer, FERP, TA, GA, Librarian, Counselor Academic Personnel Services

APS Form 515 Advice of Separation: Coaches, Counselors (SSP-AR & Interns), Librarians Academic Personnel Services

W-4 W-4 - Employee's Witholding Allowance Certificate Human Resources

PR 19 Student Assistant Time Voucher Payroll

PR 32 Overtime and Callback Hours Report Payroll

PR 8b Instructional Student Assistant Time Voucher Payroll

PR 20 PR 20 - Federal College Work Study Time Voucher Payroll