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HSU Forms

New employee

Form Number Title/Details Department Direct Link To Formsort icon
Confidentiality Agreement for Employees, Consultants, and Independent Contractors Human Resources
STD. 686 Employee Action Request (EAR) Human Resources
STD-699 Direct Deposit Form Human Resources
Access Request Form (ARF) ITS Administrative Support
CSU Family Medical Leave (FML) Human Resources
SSA-1945 Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security Human Resources
Instructions to Complete Digital Signature on Position Change Form Human Resources
HR 2005-26 CSU Volunteer Policy Human Resources
New Employee Checklist Human Resources
SPF Confidentiality Form Sponsored Programs Foundation
EO 1097 Student Affirmative Action Complaints Actions Resources Table Human Resources
SPF Discrimination Complaint Form Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Accomodation Request Form Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Overview of the Reasonable Accomodation Process Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Guidelines for Evaluating Impairments Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Job Duty Evaluation Checklist Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Authorization to Release Medical Records Sponsored Programs Foundation
HSU Accommodation Request Form Human Resources
HSU Overview of Reasonable Accommodation Human Resources
HSU Job Duty Evaluation Checklist Human Resources
HSU Guidelines for Evaluating Impairments Human Resources
HSU Authorization to Release Medical Records Human Resources
SPF Separating Employee Clearance Form Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Appointment Document Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Appointment Process Chart Sponsored Programs Foundation
HSU Volunteer Form Human Resources
EHOS Ergonomics Program Human Resources
Discrimination Complaint Resources Human Resources
SPF Personnel Policy Summary Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Personnel Policy Summary Sponsored Programs Foundation
SPF Personnel Policy Summary Sponsored Programs Foundation
HSU Green and Gold Calendar for 2010-2011 Human Resources
HSU Green and Gold Calendar for 2011-2012 Human Resources
SPF Multiple Projects Appointment Form Attachment Sponsored Programs Foundation
HSU Volunteer Form Processing Instructions Human Resources
SPF Payroll Schedule 2014 Sponsored Programs Foundation
HSU Authorization for Business-Related Wireless Device Financial Services
SPF Direct Deposit Payroll Application Sponsored Programs Foundation
003C Controlled IT Spaces Access Authorization Form Information Technology Services
003D Controlled IT Spaces Access Control List Information Technology Services
003G Controlled IT Spaces Visitor Log Information Technology Services
SPF Personnel Manual Sponsored Programs Foundation
001 Reservation Request for the Native American Forum (BSS162) Center for Indian Community Development
SPF Payroll, Benefits, and HR Directory of Services Sponsored Programs Foundation
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Human Resources
SPF Position Description Sponsored Programs Foundation
PR8 Intermittent Hourly Time Voucher Payroll
HSU Green and Gold Calendar for 2012-2013 Payroll Department
Password Group Setup form (Aging) Information Technology Services
Employee Fee Waiver-Frequently Asked Questions Human Resources
Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status and Legal Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect (EO 1083) Human Resources
APS Application for Academic Employment Academic Personnel Services
Special Consultant Request Instructions Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Hiring Authority Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Academic Personnel Services & Human Resources (APSHR) Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Vice President Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Appropriate Administrator and/or Lead Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Department Contact Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Employee Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Payroll Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Buddy Human Resources
Onboarding Checklist: Complete Checklist Document (All Roles) Human Resources
Reference Check Information for Recommended Candidate Academic Personnel Services and Human Resources
Business Card Order Form Marketing and Communications

W-4 W-4 - Employee's Witholding Allowance Certificate Human Resources

Social Security Office- Replacement card/name change application Human Resources

I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification Human Resources

Form 104 Report of Appointment for Staff Human Resources