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HSU Forms


Form Numbersort icon Title/Details Department Direct Link To Form
Staff Recruitment Handbook Human Resources
Employment Release of Information Form Human Resources
University Police Department (Live Scan/Fingerprinting Information) Human Resources

Request for Live Scan Service Form (Fingerprinting) Human Resources
Reimbursement Request Human Resources

Use only when a department is paying for travel expenses of interviewed candidates.

HSU Employment Application Human Resources
Screening Matrix Human Resources
Model Release Marketing and Communications
Model Release (4 per page) Marketing and Communications
Job Submission Form Marketing and Communications

SPF Appointment Document Sponsored Programs Foundation
Close Relative Disclosure Form Human Resources
Conviction Disclosure Form Human Resources
Student Affairs Position Justification and Budget Verification Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Form 1 Authorization to Recruit (Form 1) Human Resources
Form 3 Interview Request (Form 3) Human Resources
Form 4 Selection Committee Hiring Recommendation (Form 4) Human Resources
Form 5 Request to Vice President to Offer Appointment-Over 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) Human Resources
Form 5 Offer of Appointment within 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) Human Resources