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HSU Forms


Form Number Title/Detailssort icon Department Direct Link To Form
University Police Department (Live Scan/Fingerprinting Information) Human Resources

Student Affairs Position Justification and Budget Verification Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Staff Recruitment Handbook Human Resources
SPF Appointment Document Sponsored Programs Foundation
Form 4 Selection Committee Hiring Recommendation (Form 4) Human Resources
Screening Matrix Human Resources
Form 5 Request to Vice President to Offer Appointment-Over 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) Human Resources
Request for Live Scan Service Form (Fingerprinting) Human Resources
Reimbursement Request Human Resources

Use only when a department is paying for travel expenses of interviewed candidates.

Form 5 Offer of Appointment within 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) Human Resources
Model Release (4 per page) Marketing and Communications
Model Release Marketing and Communications
Form 3 Interview Request (Form 3) Human Resources
HSU Employment Application Human Resources
Employment Release of Information Form Human Resources
Conviction Disclosure Form Human Resources
Close Relative Disclosure Form Human Resources
Form 1 Authorization to Recruit (Form 1) Human Resources
Job Submission Form Marketing and Communications