Facilities & Resources

Humboldt State University is located in the heart of the coastal redwood forest. This surrounding environment provides outdoor classrooms for a majority of the Forestry and Wildland Resources courses. Field trips illustrate lecture concepts and teach field techniques. Excellent on-campus laboratories complement the outdoor lab. To see photos of some of our field trips and facilities visit our Photo Gallery.

Arcata Community Forest

Directly adjacent to the HSU campus is the Arcata Community Forest. Totaling 793 acres, the forest is an ideal location for forestry classes. The forest is also the headwaters for many of Arcata's urban streams and is used by watershed and hydrology classes. The Arcata Community Forest is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Forestry Stockroom

The department maintains a stockroom equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for surveying, stream gauging, and forest measurements. Contact George Pease for additional information.

Forest and Range Herbarium

The herbarium includes numerous forest and wildland plants providing an opportunity for hands-on plant identification.

Freshwater Forest

Freshwater Forest is a 300-acre second-growth redwood forest approximately 15 minutes from the HSU campus. It is the Department's oldest outdoor facility. HSU has received long term use of this property through the generosity of the Humboldt Redwood Company.

Industrial and Private Forestlands

Humboldt County is the center of California's forest industry, producing more of California's annual timber harvest than any other county. The Department has excellent working relationships with industrial (Barnum Timber Company, Green Diamond, Humboldt Redwood Company, and Sierra Pacific) and private timberland owners and is granted routine access to the hundreds of thousands of private timber lands for class use and examples. This makes the study of Forestry and Wildland Resources at HSU field-oriented and not just a classroom experience.

Private and Public Rangelands

Private ranches and state and federal lands, just minutes from campus, provide countless opportunities to gain hands-on experience. The coastal grasslands and pastures provide opportunities for production of grass fed and organic beef

L.W. Schatz Demonstration Tree Farm

Donated in 1987 by Dr. L.W. Schatz, the 385-acre L.W. Schatz Demonstration Tree Farm is located 45 minutes east of Arcata, CA. It serves as a field experiment station for researchers, an outdoor classroom for educators, and a demonstration area for forestry extension professionals.

McLean Computer Laboratory

Computers are necessary tools for the foresters of tomorrow. The Forestry and Wildland Resources Department is fortunate to have its own computing facility for the exclusive use of forestry and wildland resources students. The McLean Forestry Computing Laboratory was made possible through a grant from the late Mel McLean, co-founder of Eel River Sawmills and the McLean Foundation.

Redwood National and State Parks

A management cooperative between the state and federal park systems, this network of parks protects old growth coast redwoods, some of the world's largest and tallest trees. If you would like to learn more, check out Redwood National Park and the California State Parks.

USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Redwood Sciences Laboratory

This laboratory is part of the USDA Forest Service's network of regional research stations. Home to a wide range of scientists and support staff, the Redwood Sciences Laboratory performs watershed, wildlife and fisheries research with a focus on the coastal rainforest region from California to Alaska. Laboratory scientists give guest lectures and provide field trips of their demonstration forest in Caspar Creek.

USDA Forest Service Six Rivers National Forest

Situated on the North Coast of California, Humboldt State is nearby four different national forests. Six Rivers National Forest, with the supervisor's office located in Eureka, CA, is the closest. Laboratory periods make frequent field trips to study forest management for multiple uses: outdoor recreation, rangeland, timber, watershed, and wildlife and fisheries needs.

Wildland Fire Laboratory

The Forestry and Wildland Resources Department's Wildland Fire Laboratory, is among the most well-equipped fire research facilities of any university in the United States. Graduate and undergraduate students and visiting scientists have access to a burning facility, a thermal infrared imaging camera, drying ovens, fuel storage capacity and other equipment to support field and lab research.