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Han-Sup Han – Professor, Forest Operations and Engineering

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Forest Operations involves in the application of a variety of forest management tools and processes to achieve the objectives of sustainable forest management. Traditionally, wood production has been the main objective of timber extraction practices to supply raw materials (i.e., logs and wood chips) to the forest products manufacturing companies. While this still holds as an important goal of timber harvesting today, equipment and systems used in forest operations are now often employed to address other forest management issues such as stand condition improvement and fuel treatments to reduce wildfire risks. The use of harvesting systems as a tool to a wide range of forest management objectives is now increasingly common, as we often deal with man-made or second-growth stands. Forest operations need to be viewed as an integrated component of forest management and not an isolated field of study. Collaboration with other disciplines is increasingly important in order to address the challenging multiple objectives of today’s forest management. Currently I am interested in the following possible research topics:

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Selected Publications

Vitorelo, B., H.-S. Han W. Elliot. 2012. Productivity and cost of integrated harvesting for fuel reduction thinning. Forest Products Journal, Vol. 61(8):664–674.

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Han, H.-S., H.W. Lee, and L.R. Johnson. 2004. Economic feasibility of an integrated harvesting system for small-diameter trees in southwest Idaho. Forest Products Journal. Vol.54 (2): 21-27.

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Han-Sup Han
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