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Susan Edinger Marshall – Professor, Wildland Soils

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Selected Publications

Tokunaga, Allison and Susan Edinger-Marshall. 2006. Blue wildrye growth as a function of bulk density and water potential. Poster presented at Society for Range Management Annual Meetings, Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada .

Edinger-Marshall, S.B. 2005. Status and demand for soil science undergraduate programs. Invited oral presentation, Nov. 9, 2005 , Soil Science Society of America Annual Meetings, Salt Lake City , Utah .

Lindsay, B.A., Susan Edinger-Marshall and K. Bennett. 2004. The characterization and management of soils with humic features for carbon sequestration. Poster presented at Soil Science Society of America Annual Meetings, Seattle , WA .

Edinger-Marshall, S.B. and A.M Craig. 2004. Yellow starthistle ( Centaurea solstitialis ) production decreases with competition from blue wildrye ( Elymus glaucus ) plugs, Six Rivers National Forest (NW California). Poster presented at Society for Range Management meetings, Salt Lake City , Utah .

Barry, S., A.M. Craig, S.B. Edinger-Marshall, A. Tokunaga and D. Macon (eds.) 2003. Environmental Values and Economic Sustainability in the Eastern Sierra. , Proceedings of the Society for Range Management California-Pacific Section of the Society for Range Management, Annual Fall Meeting, October 16-18, 2003 Hunewill Guest Ranch, Bridgeport, CA

Edinger-Marshall, S.B. (ed.) 2002. Residual Dry Matter and Resource Management on Annual-type Rangeland. California Rangeland Trust and Residual Dry Matter Workshops. Proceedings of Annual Fall Meetings, November 5-8, 2002. California-Pacific Section of the Society for Range Management. Harris Ranch Inn, Coalinga , CA .

Edinger-Marshall, S., A.M. Craig, L.D. Hoover, and John McRae. 2002. Baseline phenological data for perennial grassland restoration of a yellow starthistle-infested site. Poster Presentation at Ecological Society of America/Society for Ecological Restoration Joint Annual meetings, Tucson , Arizona , August, 2002.

Edinger-Marshall, S. 2001. Applications of molecular microbiology to rangeland ecology. Oral presentation, Society for Range Management, Annual Meeting Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Edinger-Marshall, S. and L.J. Lund. 1999. Gravel dispersion on a granitic pediment (East Mojave Desert, California): A short term look at erosional processes. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 24:349-359.

Susan Edinger Marshall
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