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Invasive Plants on Rangelands: A Global Threat

By Edward A. Vasquez, Jeremy J. James, Thomas A. Monaco, and D. Chad Cummings

Invasive species are having impacts on rangelands at an unprecedented rate, resulting in enormous economic and ecological costs each year.

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New Fire on California’s Landscape

by Dr. Morgan Varner

The fact that many Californians have become disconnected from the state’s natural resources has created challenges to using prescribed fire as an effective forest management tool. Californians should get reacquainted with fire.

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An Even-aged Approach to Forest Regeneration and Biodiversity

by Dr. John-Pascal Berrill

Even-aged forest management practices, including clearcutting, aim to restore forests and can create ideal conditions for certain species of trees and wildlife.

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Energy to Burn

by Dr. Han-Sup Han

The unprecedented fuels loads that plague California's forests could become a significant source of clean energy rather than a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sustainable Forestry Delivers Wildlife, Carbon and Wildfire Benefits

By Dr. J. Morgan Varner, Dr. T. Luke George and Dr. K. O. Fulgham

The affect of severe wildfire on wildlife habitat often gets overshadowed by air quality and public safety concerns, but we must address biodiversity values as well.

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Climate Change Heats Up Water Issues

By Dr. Ken Fulgham

Global warming will shift scope of resource debates and land management policies.

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