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Assistant Professor Jeffrey Kane Publishes an Article in Oecologia

Assistant forestry professor Jeffrey Kane recently published an article in the journal Oecologia asserting that the number of resin ducts a tree has can help predict how resistant the pine is to beetle infestation. The results of the paper, combined with the findings of an earlier study, provide information that may be useful to land managers who are trying to keep public parks and other relatively small forested areas healthy. In the first study, researchers demonstrated that a certain type of slippery bark protects trees from pine beetle attacks, which can kill trees.

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Geographic Patterns and Stand Variables Influencing Growth and Vigor of Populus tremuloides

by John-Pascal Berrill and Christa M. Dagley

Awareness of geographic patterns and stand variables that influence tree growth will help forest managers plan appropriate management and monitoring strategies.

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Productivity & Cost of Integrated Harvesting of Wood Chips & Sawlogs in Stand Conversion Operations

by Hunter Harrill and Han-Sup Han

This study evaluated the operational performance and cost of an integrated harvesting system that harvested sawlogs and biomass (i.e., energy wood chips) in stand conversion clearcut operations.

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Proceedings of the 2011 Redwood Science Symposium

Proceedings of the 2011 Redwood Science Symposium are now available online, you can download the entire publication, or individual papers. Proceedings of coast redwood forests in a changing California: A symposium for scientists and managers