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18th Annual FWR Spring Banquet

The 18th annual Department of Forestry & Wildland Resources Spring Awards Banquet was held Tuesday, April 12th with over 100 students, faculty and friends of the department attending. This annual celebration highlights the accomplishments of the students and faculty of the department.

The highlight of the event was the nearly $43,000 in scholarships that were awarded to students in the department. This includes $36,700 in scholarships administered by the department and an additional $6,250 in scholarships handed out by the Redwood Region Logging Conference (RRLC) and the California Women in Timber. A full list of the winners can be found below. In addition to student awards, Professor Susan Marshall was named “Outstanding Faculty of the Year”, an award that is voted on by the department students. The evening concluded with the presentation of three awards to outstanding graduating senior students. The award for “Academic Excellence” was awarded to Arielle Weisgrau . Greg Davis received the “Most Outstanding Student Award in Rangeland Resources & Wildland Soils”. The “Professional Promise Award” voted on by the faculty was awarded to Jarren Tindle.



Helen Barnum Forestry Scholarship J Dorman
Jose Rodriquez
Norton Benner Scholarship Clayton Wanzer
James T. Brown Forestry Scholarship Hanah Rolf
James "Ronald" Haug
Connor Kennedy
Robert "Bob" Cary Forestry Scholarship Griffin Ollar
Tyler Durbin
Robert Muma
Dillard-Bailey Scholarships for graduates and undergraduate students Rodolfo Curiel
Diedra Rodriguez
Sara Matthews
Suzan Homsombath
James Lamping
Hanah Rolf
Forestry Pathfinders Commemorative Scholarship Aaron Goodman
Ron Hoover Memorial Forestry Scholarship J Dorman
HSU Forestry Alumni Scholarship Dana Dysthe
Ryan Salas
Jerry Partain Forestry Scholarship Karl Peterson
Edwin & Joan Pierson Forestry Scholarship Skyler Twohig
Redwood Region Logging Conference Scholarship Connor Kennedy
Alexander Gorman
Karl Peterson
Griffin Ollar
Scott Elsworth
Ceaser Chavez
Mark B Rhea Soil Science Scholarship Shelly Green
Charles G. and Helen W. Schober Memorial Scholarship Connor Kennedy
Alexander Gorman
Gayleen Smith Memorial ScholarshipColt Brockman
Louis H. Wayers Memorial Scholarship Arielle Weisgrau
Diana Upequi
Kristina DeYoung
Joaquin Quintana
Andrea Taylor
Brian Simpson
Hector Alvarez
Frederique Guezille
Tania Andrade
Chance Callahan
Jacqueline Espinoza Garcia
James "Ronald" Haug