Our Program

Academic programs in the department include undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, minors, and certificates of study.

5 Year Course Offering Frequency

Undergraduate Degrees


In the Forestry and Wildland Resources Department you can choose to major in Forestry or Rangeland Resource Science.

Forestry Major

The Forestry major is accredited by the Society of American Foresters.

Watch the below for video for interviews with HSU Forestry students (filmed and edited by HSU Film student)

In Forestry you can choose among five options. You will take a set of core forestry classes and then a set of courses specific to your option. The options are:

Rangeland Resource Science Major

In Rangeland Resource Science you can choose between two options. Learn more about Rangeland careers at rangelandwest.org. You will take a set of core range classes and then a set of courses specific to your option. The options are:


A minor provides a concentration of study to supplement the major. Many students find that a minor complements their studies and enhances their career opportunities. We offer the following minors:

Please view the Department's minors page for more information.

Graduate Degrees

The Department administers three graduate programs, all leading to a Master of Science in Natural Resources.

Please view the Department's graduate studies page for more information.

Certificates of Study

Certificates of study are programs designed to prepare students in a specialized area of natural resources. One certificates of study is currently administered by the Department:

Please view the Department's certificates of study page for more information.