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Meet Our Students

Learn more about some of our students and their experience at Humboldt State University by visiting Meet Our Students

To learn more about current and recent graduate students and their research projects visit our graduate student page.

Clubs and Activities

Our students are active in a wide variety of social and professional organizations and activities.


Department Scholarships

Each year the Department awards a substantial amount of money in scholarships to outstanding students. The scholarships honor bequests to the Department in the names of outstanding alumni, emeritus faculty, and other friends of the program. Scholarships include:

The deadline for applications is during March; check in the Department office for additional details.

Outside Scholarships

California Farm Bureau Scholarship Foundation
The California Farm Bureau Scholarship Foundation provides aid to students with a desire to pursue a career in the agricultural industry. The scholarships are awarded annually based upon academic achievement, career goals, extracurricular activities, determination, leadership skills, and a commitment to study agriculture.

Humboldt County Farm Bureau Scholarships
The Humboldt County Farm Bureau Scholarships provides scholarships to students who graduated from from Humboldt County High Schools or the surrounding area. The variety of scholarships are aimed at students who intend to pursue agriculture, forestry and natural resource sciences.

Fire Science Online
Fire Science Online includes information on fire science scholarships, where to find grants and loans and the benefits of pursuing degrees in forestry.

CAMBIO Program

In 2014 the Forestry and Wildland Resources Department received a four-year, $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation of Hispanic and other underrepresented students in forestry, range and soils at HSU. The program known as "CAMBIO: Climate change Adaptation and Management for Biodiversity to promote Inclusion and Opportunities for Hispanic students" will provide support for transfer students from Reedley and Bakersfield College as well as graduate students studying forestry, watershed and wildland sciences. Learn More »

Spring Banquet

Held near the end of the spring semester, the annual banquet is an opportunity for students and faculty to get to know each other outside of the classroom. We celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, present scholarship awards, and bid farewell to our graduating seniors.

Summer Employment

Summer employment is one of the best ways for a student to gain valuable experience and to see if he/she really wants to make forestry or wildland resources a career. Many students find their permanent position through their summer employment. Announcements of summer employment opportunities are available in the main Department office. The HSU Career Center is also helpful. Forestry internships are posted on-line at the Society of American Foresters (Career Center - Internships) and ForestryUSA. Fire Science Online is another good resource for career information and internships.

After Graduation

Employment opportunities for Forestry and Wildland Resources students are excellent. Our programs rank near the top of all programs at Humboldt State with over 90% of graduates getting jobs related to their major. Job announcements for forestry, rangeland resources, and wildland soils are posted in the main Department office and outside most faculty offices. Job announcements are also posted online on our Job Opportunities page. The HSU Career Center is an excellent resource. Federal jobs are posted at USAJobs. Forestry positions are posted at Society of American Foresters (Career Center) and ForestryUSA. Rangeland positions are posted at The Society for Range Management website.