Why Forestry

Job Placement

Our students are in high demand, right from day one. Our graduates qualify for several federal job series (Forester, Soil Scientist, Soil Conservationist, and Hydrologist depending on the program option) and have a wide range of jobs in the public and private sector. A survey indicated that 90% of students students who graduated in the past five years are currently employed in Forestry or a related natural resources field.

Registered Professional Foresters

Pie Charts Showing RPFs

Since 1972 the Professional Foresters Law requires all persons in California who wish to call themselves "professional foresters" to be registered through the Office of Professional Foresters Registration. These registered professional foresters (RPFs) are the people on the ground who make the proposals on where and how timber is harvested, and are therefore crucial in the forestry sector. As seen in the above pie charts, the Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources is the major source of RPFs, accounting for 82% of the personnel in the state coming from the three universities with accredited programs. Including foresters coming from out of state, HSU comprises 56% of all RPFs. These numbers are a testament to the professionalism of our students and the vigor of the Department.

Institutional Data

For information on enrollment numbers, demographics and graduation rates for both the Department and University as a whole visit HSU's Office of Institutional Research and Planning Data Center