Our most important “facility” is the natural laboratory the North Coast provides for nearly all of our classes. 

Trinidad Beach

We also have excellent labs, extensive mineral, rock, thin section, and fossil collections that will provide you with a solid background to pursue careers in almost every aspect of earth science or to continue on to graduate school.  In addition to standard geology equipment such as petrographic microscopes and surveying equipment, HSU geology has a high-pressure and temperature petrology lab where conditions in the upper mantle can be simulated, soils lab, state-of-the-art real-time kinematic GPS surveying equipment, an x-ray diffractometer and x-ray fluorescence equipment, and geophysical exploration equipment.  We have our own Geographic Information Systems (GIS) laboratory and a set of GIS-equipped lap top computers that are used in a number of our classes.   Our field camp is fully mobile – with and best of all, these facilities are accessible to undergraduates and not restricted for graduate use only.