Field Camp


Field camp is an important milestone in the education of a geologist. Our capstone course for the Geology BA and BS degrees is a four-week field experience class, Geology 475.  The camp is usually located in eastern California, central Nevada, or eastern Oregon.  Our Field Camp is fully mobile – with kitchen and work tents, generators, and computers.   But unlike many Universities that use permanent facilities, we have the flexibility to move to different locations from year to year, providing more variety and more geology for our students. You will learn to collect geologic data and display it in map and report form, interpret geologic structures, and communicate your results both orally and in writing.  In short, you begin the course as a student and will leave it ready to begin your career as a geologist.


HSU Geology Field Camp students enjoying the field

The 2016 Field Camp will take place in the White Pine Mountains of central Nevada.  Approximate dates for camp are May 21 - June 20, with the advance (set-up) group leaving Arcata May 18 and returning ~June 22.  Recent costs for tuition/fees have been ~$2100 which covered costs (including food) at camp. We expect this year's costs to be comparable but could be slightly greater. Instructors for the camp will be Mark Hemphill-Haley and Jasper Oshun.

For students outside HSU interested in Field Camp

We will consider applications for a few students outside of Humboldt State University.  However, HSU students get priority to be enrolled in camp and our space is limited.  We ask for a letter of intent, official transcripts and a letter of reference from someone who knows about your academic pursuits.   We run the course through Extended Education  Please go to that page for information.