HSU Geology alumni work all over the world in a wide range of Geoscience disciplines.  Our graduates have job titles such as: professor, program director, geology technician, materials tester, geologist, land steward, field geologist, mine geologist, senior mineralogist, volcanologist, paleontologist, mine engineer, elementary school teacher, high school teacher, environmental consultant, hydrologist, museum curator, and many others.

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Updates From Our Alumni

Brett A. Budick, 1976

Brett A. Budick, 1976 Geology, was appointed to the position of Chief Deputy State Coordinator of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management in December, 2016 by Governor Terry McAuliffe. As the number two in the agency and a 26-year Virginia state employee, Budick is responsible for all disaster response and recovery activities throughout the Commonwealth, radiological emergency preparedness at nuclear power plants and with the nuclear Navy, and Virginia’s Homeland Security initiatives. He stays active in academia as an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University and remains active in sports with USA Rugby and World Rugby in their Coach Development Programs.

Tyson wilofsky, 2008

Tyson Wilofsky, 2008 Geology, has been doing environmental remediation (RCRA/CERCLA) work as a government contractor.

Tim Kustic, 1981

Tim Kustic, 1981 Geology, California’s 13th State Oil and Gas Supervisor, recently retired after a 32-year career with California’s Department of Conservation. Kustic began his state career as a field engineer with the California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), in the Bakersfield office. After assignments in the Bakersfield and Santa Maria DOGGR offices, Kustic joined the newly created State Office of Mine Reclamation in 1991. In 2001 Kustic rejoined DOGGR and was appointed by Governor Brown to lead DOGGR as the Oil and Gas Supervisor in 2011. Kustic, his wife Debra, and their three children reside in Sacramento.

michael sandecki, 1979

Michael Sandecki, 1979 Geology, is currently a water quality analyst employed with the California Coastal Commission.

John Paul Hunt, 1985

I just recently celebrated my 25th year at SMC, a Geotechnical Consulting firm in Orange County that I have been a partner in for the last 10 years. My wife Patty, who also graduated from HSU in 1985 with a buisness degree, and I, just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. I have also been very active in cross-country mountain bike racing and just recently won my first race. If only HSU had mtb racing back in the day.

Christopher J. Watt, 1997

I have been working for a local engineering firm (LACO ASSOCIATES) for the past 15 years and was recently elected President and CEO.

Andres Marin, 2000


Eric Friedlander, 2004

After graduation I spent three summers working as a hiking/backcountry guide in Skagway, Alaska. I now live in Lake Tahoe and enjoy any and all outdoor activities on a daily basis (especially rock climbing in the summer, and skiing in the winter). I currently work for the City of South Lake Tahoe as the Environmental Programs Analyst. I have also recently become engaged and will be married next August. I’m looking forward to a road trip to Humboldt so I can show my fiance the amazing campus at HSU, the redwoods and the incredible coastline!

Emily A. Hamecher, 2007

I’ve been a graduate student in Geology at Caltech since I finished at HSU. I was just last week officially promoted to Ph.D. Candidate! I hope to finish my Ph.D. up in the next couple of years.