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Dave Bazard

Application of paleomagnetism to the study of tectonic processes

  • Ph.D., Geology and Geophysics, University of Arizona, 1991
  • M.S., Geology and Geophysics, Western Washington University, 1987
  • B.A., Geology, Humboldt State University, 1982
Professional Experience:
  • Instructor, College of the Redwoods
  • Adjunct Professor, Humboldt State University
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Personal and Research Interests:

Application of paleomagnetism to the study of tectonic processes. Geologic history of western North America. Geologic evolution of southeastern Alaska. Geologic evolution of the Klamath Mountains and Northern California.

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Courses Taught:
  • General Geology (Geology 1)
  • Historical Geology (Geology 2)
  • Field Studies in Geology (Geology 9)
  • Environmental Geology (Geology 10)
  • Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes (Geology 15)
  • Introduction to Meteorology (Meteorology 1)

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bazard, D.R., Butler, R.F., Gehrels, G.E., Soja C.M., Early Devonian paleomagnetic data from the Lower Devonian Karheen Formation suggest Laurentia-Baltica connection for the Alexander terrane, Geology, v. 23, p. 707-710, 1995.

Bazard, D.R., Butler, R.F., Paleomagnetism of the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation: Implications for Jurassic Apparent Polar Wander, Journal of Geophysical Research, 99, 6695-6710, 1994.

Bazard, D.R., Burmester, R.F., Beck, M.E., Jr., Granirer, J.L., and Schwarz, G., Paleomagnetism of the Methow region, north central Washington: structural application of paleomagnetic data in a complexly deformed, variably remagnetized terrane, Canadian Journal of Earth Science, v. 27, p. 330-343, 1990.

Dave Bazard

Contact Information:

Office: College of the Redwoods PS 111B
Email: dave-bazard@redwoods.edu
Ph. (707) 476.4224