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What is Humboldt Loyalty?

Humboldt Loyalty is you and fellow alumni, parents & families, staff, faculty and friends of HSU partnering in ongoing support of the history, tradition, success and future of Humboldt State University.

Your Gift to Humboldt Loyalty is…


When you give to HL you are partnering with thousands of others who have made similar gifts to increase the strength and impact of your contribution. Even if your gift is modest, it plays an important part in helping Humboldt State continue to encourage learning that makes a positive difference.


Continued giving to Humboldt Loyalty is a big part of the future success of Humboldt State University. The future is uncertain but being able to count on the ongoing support from Humboldt Loyalty allows HSU to plan for sustained success and growth.


A gift to Humboldt Loyalty is the most diverse and impactful way to give. Humboldt Loyalty allows HSU to take advantage of opportunities immediately, meet needs when they arise and enhance the education of today's students.

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