Graduation Pledge Alliance

Funded by Associated Students

About the Graduation Pledge

The Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility is a campus tradition that started at HSU in 1987 and has since spread to campuses around the world. The Pledge is a personal vow to consider the social and environmental consequences of the decisions that we make after we acquire our degree here at Humboldt State: 

“I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work.”

GPA ribbons

The Graduation Pledge is symbolized by a green satin ribbon. These ribbons are available to graduates on the day of commencement. Graduation Pledge staff hands out pins and pledge cards to graduates who wish to take the pledge in the West Gym before graduates enter the Redwood Bowl for the ceremony. 

Taking the Pledge

The Graduation Pledge is not just for students at graduation. Students of all class standings are encouraged to live the pledge and start engaging in environmental and social stewardship in their own way while still enrolled at HSU. Our goal is to inspire people to make conscious decisions. The pledge isn't just about the workplace; it's a lifestyle!