Forms for Graduate Students

Forms must be typed. Hand written forms will not be accepted.

Trouble opening forms?

If you are having trouble saving your content in PFD fill-in forms, please check the following settings.

Firefox: Make sure PDF forms open in Adobe Acrobat Reader

1) In Firefox click on the Open Menu icon (upper right corner)
2) Select Options
3) Select Applications
4) Under Content Type locate "Adobe Acrobat Forms Document"
5) Under Action change to: "Use Adobe Acrobat (default)" instead of "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)"]

Google Chrome: Disable the Chrome PDF plug-in to have Adobe open the PDF form.

1) In Google Chrome, type chrome:/plugins in the browser address.
2) Look through the list and find Chrome PDF viewer and disable.
3) The Adobe Reader plug-in will automatically be enabled, if installed.

Safari: Change Apple's "PDF viewer" to "Adobe Acrobat Reader as the default PDF viewing tool.

1) Click on the PDF file icon in Finder
2) Choose File
3) Choose Get Info
4) Click on the triangle next to Open with:
5) Choose Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat from the drop-down list.
6) Click Change All.

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