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Ready to apply to a master's degree program at HSU?

Application Timelines

Fall 2015: Applications will open in CSU Mentor on October 1, 2014. Deadlines vary.  Please review the Deadline and Contact Information

Spring 2016:  Applications will open in CSU Mentor on August 1, 2015, deadlines vary. Please review the Deadline and Contact Information.

Please Note:  Only One application per Semester can be submitted.

The Deadline and Contact Information Contains GPA & GRE information as required by individual programs. (Please know, this is a fluid document and subject to change).

Graduate programs are especially competitive. The sooner your application materials are complete both with the Graduate Admissions Office and the program you are applying to, the sooner your application can be reviewed and admit decisions can be made.

Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). WRGP is a program that allows admitted students from 15 western states to pay California resident tuition. The WRGP Majors are: English, Environmental Systems, Natural Resources,  Social Science & Sociology.

To be considered for financial assistance offered by some programs, be sure to file a FAFSA by March 2.  Contact your department for details.  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is available through CSU Mentor

Application Instructions

Apply: Complete the California State University Graduate Application online at CSU Mentor. A $55.00 application fee is required at time of application. The CSU Application Fee Waiver is No longer available for Master's Applications.  If you are unable to pay with a credit card, a check can be mailed to the address indicated below.

To be considered for financial assistance offered by some programs, be sure to file a FAFSA by March 2.  Contact your department for details.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is available through CSU Mentor

Transcripts: One official transcript is required from all colleges or universities you have ever attended. Official transcripts must be in their original sealed envelope. 

Humboldt State University
Office of Graduate Admissions
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Electronic Transcript:

Humboldt State University currently accepts electronic college transcripts via Credential Solutions, Scrip-Safe, E-Transcript California and Parchment. The transcript submission will only be accepted as electronic NOT in PDF version.  If you are asked for an email address Plese do not use.   

Transcript Exceptions:

  • Humboldt transcripts: You do not need to request transcripts for any work completed at Humboldt State University.
  • If you were enrolled at Humboldt as a regular matriculated student within the past 5 years, we will still have your file, you do not need to request transcripts for college work completed elsewhere, unless you completed additional college work after you left Humboldt.

Letters of Recommendation - MUST BE submitted online through CSU Mentor, Page 11. If you have questions, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office, 707-826-6250.

To re-send emails to referrers: Log into CSUMentor and follow these steps:
1. Apply Online
2. Graduate Admissions Applications
3. Click on the Fall 2013 box
4. Scroll down to “Online applications already submitted”
5. Click on “View letters of recommendation”
6. Click “Resend email” for those referrers
Remind them to check their spam folders.
If you need to change a reference scroll to end of page.
Please note that it can take up to 10 Business Working days for the LOR to be removed from your checklist.  You can check the date by logging into your Mentor to check the date in which your referrer submitted their recommendation
Supplemental Materials: Most graduate programs require additional supplemental material. It is your responsibility to check with the department for specific details.

Once the application has "completed" all files are sent to the department for review by the department's admissions committee.

What constitutes a completed file?

  • At least 1 Official Transcript from any college or university ever attended.
  • Residency information completed.
  • Application Fee ($55.00) paid.

You can follow your application status by:  Remember the earlier your application completes the Sooner your file can be reviewed and an admit decision can be made.

  • Check your Student Services Center. Approximately two weeks after application submission, you will receive a Posted letter with your HSU Student ID and Log-In Information.
  • Contact your academic department to ensure they have received all required materials.
  • If you are denied admission and disagree with the decision, please contact the department  directly.

Additional Information:

GRE Institution Code for Humboldt State University: 4345  - Please Note:  If you have not taken the GRE Test, you only need  to indicate on the application that the test date is pending.
For Humboldt State University application information, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office: 707.826.6250 or apply [at] humboldt [dot] edu.
For Financial aid information, please contact the Financial Aid Office – Toll Free (866) 255-1390 | Local 826-4321 | Fax (707) 826-5360

To Change a Reference:
Log into CSU Mentor and go to:
1. Apply Online
2. Click on "Graduate Admissions Application"
3. Click on the box for the term applied for
4. Scroll down in application manager to section "Online application already submitted"
5. Click on "View letters of recommendation"
6. Click "edit" for the referrer needing to be changed
7. Change the recommender information
8. Click "submit"
9. Click "send request"