Final Steps: Submitting Your Thesis or Project


Obtain approval signatures from your advisor/committee chair, committee members and graduate coordinator.
Deliver your Thesis or Project Approval Form with original signatures to the office of Academic Programs, SH 217A.

Required Format Review

Graduate Studies will check your document for formatting and style, according to the HSU thesis/project format requirements. Subject content, research quality, spelling, punctuation, and grammar will not be checked. Format reviews may be requested prior to receiving final approval from your committee and will be done in the order received. Tip: Allow time for corrections.

Format Review Deadlines:

  • Spring graduation: April 15th
  • Summer graduation: July 15th
  • Fall graduation: November 15th

Procedure for Format Review

Email Graduate Studies at hsugrad [at] humboldt [dot] edu (subject: Format%20Review)  to request a format review. Subject line: Format Review
Attach your thesis/project (Word Document preferred) and include statements from the formatting checklist in your email message.
Use the following file naming convention for your thesis/project: last name_first name_middleinitial_graduation term. For example: if Susan A Smith was submitting her thesis for review and graduating in Spring 2013, her file would be named: smith_susan_a_Sp2013
If corrections are needed you will receive an email from graduate studies detailing what needs to be done. Once you have made all the corrections, resubmit your document. You will need to receive format approval from graduate studies prior to submitting your final document to Academic Programs.

Procedure for Submitting Thesis/Project

Do not send your final document until your advisor/committee chair and all committee members have read and approved your thesis/project.

After you receive their approval, submit the final Word or Adobe pdf version of your approved thesis or project to Academic Programs via email at hsugrad [at] humboldt [dot] edu?subject=Approved%20Thesis%2FProject%20Submission&body=I%20have%20attached%20my%20approved%20archive%20ready%20thesis%2Fproject.%0APlease%20add%20the%20following%20subject%20keywords%2Fphrases%3A">hsugrad [at] humboldt [dot] edu prior to the deadline. Use subject line: Approved Thesis or Project Submission. Include a list of subject keywords and/or phrases for your work in your email message (limit 15).

The library will archive your document in Humboldt Digital Scholar (HDS). You will receive notification from the library via email when your document is available through HDS.
Optional: You may also choose to have paper copies of your thesis or project bound for your personal use by an outside vendor. One option is Thesis on Demand a service of the HF Group at

Deadlines for Thesis/Project Submission

  • Spring graduation: May 10th
  • Summer graduation: July 25th
  • Fall graduation: December 10th
Note: (If the date falls on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the following Monday)
Your degree will post to your transcript for the following graduation date if your thesis or project is received in Academic Programs after the deadline.