The Programs

Applied Anthropology
Biology (MS)
Business (MBA)
Education (MA)

Adapted Physical Education, Administrative Services, Elementary Education, School Psychology-PPS, Secondary Education, Special Education

English (MA)

Literary and Cultural Studies, Composition Studies and Pedagogy, Peace Corps Service with TEFL Emphasis (MIP) Member Western Regional Graduate Program


Environment & Community (MA)
Environmental Systems (MS)

Energy Technology & Policy, Environmental Resources Engineering, Geology  Member Western Regional Graduate Program

Kinesiology (MS)

Exercise Science, Teaching/Coaching

Natural Resources (MS)

Environmental & Natural Resources Sciences, Fisheries, Forestry, Watershed & Wildland Sciences, Wildlife
Member Western Regional Graduate Program

Psychology (MA)

Academic Research, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology.

Social Work (MSW)

On Campus, Online

Sociology (MA)