Humboldt State University

Get Involved: Green your Education

The world is changing and so is the climate. For more of us, the environment is a concern as we go about everyday activities: eating, shopping, getting around and enjoying our free time.

And at Humboldt State, you have an advantage. You can stay ahead of the eco-friendly curve with an environmentally focused curriculum.

From master's degrees to minors, senior classes to topics courses, Humboldt State has something for every student. In areas like wildlife conservation, environmental engineering and more, Humboldt State is dedicated to educating the next generation of environmental stewards.

Hidden Gems »
All across campus there are classes with interesting environmental outlooks, often in unexpected departments.
General Education: Lower Division »
Check out our wide variety of environmentally focused general education classes.
General Education: Upper Division »
Upper division general education requirements allow students to get more in-depth study and knowledge about environmental issues.
Majors »
If environmental or sustainable studies are your main focus, you're in luck.
Minors »
No matter what you choose to major in, there are a variety of environmentally focused minors to complement your primary area of study.
Master's Degrees »
Are you ready to take your knowledge one step further? Humboldt State is home to several master's degree programs with a green focus.
Certificates of Study »
Humboldt State also offers many different environmentally focused Certificates of Study.