Humboldt State University

Get Involved: Green your Education

General Education: Lower Division

Check out our wide variety of environmentally focused general education classes. Here's a sampling of what you'll find.

Chemistry and Society
Chemistry 104 looks at how chemicals impact our everyday lives from the items we consume, to the environment around us, to industrial chemistry and its effects.
Natural Resources Conservation
Natural Resource Planning & Interpretation 105 is a University favorite. It puts humanity's relationship to natural resources in perspective with the conservation movement.
General Oceanography
Oceanography 109 gives an introduction to the elements and patterns of the oceans. The highlight of this class is a field trip on Humboldt State's research vessel, The Coral Sea.

Some other lower division general education courses:

Area A Communication in the English Language

  • Critical Thinking and Social and Environmental Responsibility (Forestry 100)

Area B Inquiry into the Physical Universe and its Lifeforms

  • Calculus for the Biological Sciences and Natural Resources (Mathematics 105)
  • Chemistry and Society (Chemistry 104)
  • General Oceanography (Oceanography 109)
  • Principles of Biology (Biology 105)

Area C Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and Modern Languages

  • Moral Controversies (Philosophy 106)

Area D Human Social, Political and Economic Institutions and Behavior and their Historical Background

  • Cultural Geography (Geography 105)
  • Natural Resource Conservation (Natural Resource Planning & Interpretation 105)