Humboldt State University

People on the Ground: Student Profiles

Emanuel Delgado

Emanuel Delgado has always had a passion for sustainability, but it wasn't until he came to HSU that he really had a chance to get his feet wet.

The geography major served as co-director of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology and recently accepted a 3-month internship at National Geographic in Washington D.C., where he will research, fact-check and edit articles on environmental news, science, and sustainability.

"It's the perfect opportunity for me to use the skills I've learned here at HSU," Delgado says.

The National Geographic's prestigious internship program offers real-world experience in mapping, magazine writing, photography, education and research. Delgado was selected out of scores of applicants to intern for National Geographic Global Media, composed of its magazine, book publishing, television, film, music, radio, digital media and maps units.

Delgado has always loved the environment and credits HSU, and at CCAT in particular, for opening doors—both professionally and academically. "It's given me the skills and experience I need to be successful," he says.