Humboldt State University

People on the Ground: Staff Profiles

Celeste Robertson
Assoc Director, Career Center

Celeste Robertson is the Associate Director of the Career Center and the career counselor for the College of Natural Resources & Sciences.

But, she is more than just a career counselor.

"I keep a box of tissues here, because it's about supporting the students and giving them someone to talk to," she says. "And sometimes that means someone to cry with."

In December 2007, Robertson came to Humboldt State.

"I love it here, it is lush and beautiful. The students I work with are all committed to doing something for the earth and the environment. Sustainability on campus is tremendous," she says. "I am in awe of places like CCAT. It's almost like Humboldt State is California's best-kept little secret."

Or at least it was, Robertson says.

"10,000 students applied to Humboldt State for fall 2008 and only 1,600 new students were admitted — so the students that are here should feel privileged. It's a special place to be."

Robertson grew up in Portsmouth, Va. and attended college at Norfolk State University. She decided to join the Peace Corps' Masters Program through Texas Southern University and was sent on assignment to Ivory Coast, West Africa. There, she taught English and obtained a master's degree in history education. After her three years with the Peace Corps was over, Robertson decided to stay and teach English majors at the University of Abidjan.

Now Robertson helps students get real-world learning experiences, similar to the one she had in West Africa, by providing guidance on internships and career options.

"At least 25 students have been in to see me this semester alone, all with sustainability in mind," she says. "I ask each one what their goals are, what kind of job they want and then we get on the phone and start making some calls."