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Fast and flexible

Our Geospatial Certificate program online courses are offered in fast-paced 8-week compressed terms, designed to be completed in 11-14 months.  The course sequence is flexible – most classes can be taken in any order.  Need a break?  Have a big work deadline coming up?  Take a term off and pick it back up when you’re ready.  (Note: changing sequence or skipping terms will extend time to completion.)

100% online

The courses are fully online and consist of interactive online forums, instructional videos, readings from leading industry texts and websites, and weekly modules and assignments with fixed due dates to keep you on track. You can expect to spend 18-20 hours per week on coursework (per course).  Courses are fully asynchronous (but not self-paced), meaning you can complete this coursework at any time of day -- there is no requirement to be online at a specific time.   

Interactive and Supportive

Interact with your professors and fellow students via online forums and email.  Each course has dedicated teaching assistants to provide assignment and technical support.  The certificate program can be completed remotely or on campus. 

Click on a course title below to learn more (links open in a new window):

Course Title Dept. Units Fall 2017 Cohort Spring 2018 Cohort* Fall 2018 Cohort
Geospatial Concepts GSP 101 3 Aug. 21-Oct. 13, 2017 Jan 16-March 9, 2018 Aug 20-Oct 12, 2018
GIS GSP 270 3 Oct. 16-Dec. 15, 2017 Oct 15-Dec 14, 2018 Oct 15-Dec 14, 2018
Intermediate GIS GSP 370 3 Jan. 16-March 9, 2018 Jan 15-March 8, 2019 Jan 15-March 8, 2019
Introduction to Remote Sensing GSP 216 3 March 12-May 11, 2018 March 19-May 11, 2018 March 11-May 10, 2019
Cartography GSP 316 4 May 21-July 13, 2018 May 21-July 13, 2018 May 20-July 12, 2019

* There is some flexibility regarding the order and timing of courses for students in the Spring cohort. Contact us if you would like more information.