Student Excuse Policy

Students are often required to confirm illness, injury, or disability for various academic and/or employment-related reasons. We can provide such confirmation, as long as certain conditions are met, which are listed below. In view of the fact that HSU-SHC has a high demand for services, we are interested in doing so with as little expenditure of staff (and student) time as possible, while still maintaining our honesty, integrity, and accuracy.

Some situations in which confirmations are requested include the following:

  • Student was busy at SHC, and missed class or activity because of it;
  • Student missed classes or activity because of injury or illness;
  • Student cannot participate in class or activity due to injury or illness;
  • Student is unable to continue with class or classes due to injury or illness, needs to drop out for medical reasons;
  • Student needs to withdraw from HSU (completely or temporarily) due to injury or illness.

Conditions for our confirming illness, injury, or disability:

  • SHC providers and/or staff must have been involved in care of condition, or can confirm via outside medical records, that the injury or illness occurred, including instructions for return to full activity. We will not confirm anything in writing that we cannot confirm via medical records or direct experience.
  • Written or verbal permission must be given by the student to provide any specific medical information to others, as required by Federal law.
  • In instances where a student was initially seen here for a health problem which does not improve as expected, the student must have returned for repeat visit, or have at very least informed the SHC that they have not improved. Failure to apprise us in a timely fashion of unexpected continued problems may lead to denial of retroactive request to confirm longer time student was ill or injured.
  • PLEASE NOTE that we CANNOT confirm permanent or extended disability for State or other Disability Insurance, nor can we do evaluations nor fill out forms for these purposes.

Much of the time, written confirmation can be obtained at the time of a visit, or after the fact without having to make a separate appointment with a provider. Please call the SHC at 707 826-3146, or come to the Health Center reception window during regular hours for assistance.