Charges and Fees

Basic office visits are free. Special services, supplies, and procedures have a fee which is charged to your student account.

Fee Schedule Fall 2015 [PDF file]

Lab Charges Fall 2014 [PDF file]


A no-show fee of $30 will be charged to the patient's account each time the patient:

  • does not show up for their scheduled appointment
  • does not call to cancel (826-3146 M, W-F 8-5; T 10-5)
  • is sufficiently late so that another patient cannot be scheduled in that slot

Frequently Asked Questions about Charges & Fees

How will I be billed?

All charges will be billed to your HSU Student Center that can be accessed through the campus portal myHumboldt. We do not accept any form of payment at the Student Health Center. You will usually see the charge within a few weeks of service date, and payment will be due within one month of posting. You can pay in person at the Cashier’s office on the second floor of the Student & Business Services (SBS) building or online via myHumboldt (credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% service fee).

Can the health center bill my insurance?

The health center does not bill insurance. Please check with your insurance company to identify providers in Humboldt County who accept your insurance.