Important Information

Nursing Service for After-Hours Care

  • Students who need medical assistance when the Health Center is closed may call the Fonemed Service at 1-877-256-3534.

Avoid A Hold On Your Registration!

  • Students: a hold will be placed on your ability to register for classes unless the health center has copies of your immunization records. Please note that, even if you gave them to Admissions as part of your transcripts, you still need to file them with the health center.

No-Show Charge

A no-show fee of $30 will be charged to your account each time you:

  1. do not show up for your appointment,
  2. do not call to cancel (826-3146), or
  3. are sufficiently late so that another patient cannot be scheduled in that slot.
The Student Health Center tries to see as many patients as possible each day and your consideration regarding your appointment is appreciated.


  • Family PACT has seen recent changes (e.g., in medication and testing related to STD, UTI, pap screen, GYN) so there will most likely be new charges.
  • Clinic visits will continue to be free to students. Most birth control methods for men and women will remain free under Family PACT.
  • Be sure to talk with your provider about potential charges when you come in for your Family PACT appointment.

Important Things to Know About Your Student Health Center and the Affordable Care Act

  • Students who have signed up for the Affordable Care Act are not eligible for Family PACT.
  • The Student Health Center does not bill insurance. For augmented services/supplies at our facility, your student account will be charged. (Please see our Fee Schedule)
  • Paying the HSU Health Services fee when you pay your tuition is NOT a substitute for signing up for insurance.
  • Student Health Center doctors and nurse practitioners cannot be listed as your "Primary Care Provider."