Patient Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient at the Student Health & Wellness Center

You have the right . . .

  • To respect, and courteous care.
  • To privacy and confidentiality of treatment and medical records.
  • To a clear and understandable explanation of your health problem and associated treatment.
  • To full information about the effectiveness of treatment, possible risks, side effects or alternative methods of treatment.
  • To know who is treating you, and a choice of health care provider.
  • To ask for a second medical opinion before making any decision. If you decide not to be treated, you should be aware of the medical consequences of refusal.
  • To review or request photocopies of your medical records, although the original record remains the property of the Health Center.

You have certain responsibilities

  • To present accurate identifying information.
  • To present details of your illness or complaint in a direct and straightforward manner.
  • To keep your appointments on time.
  • To call to cancel an appointment as soon as possible so that other patients might utilize that time.
  • To pay for services or medications at the time of your visit, or if you are unable to pay, to make arrangements with the front office.
  • To comply with the treatment plan developed with your health care provider.
  • To ask for clarification whenever you don't understand information or instructions.
  • To treat staff and other patients with courtesy and respect.

Let us know how well we are serving you by giving us feedback, both positive and negative. Bring any dissatisfaction to the attention of your health care provider, or to the Health Center Director. Feedback forms can also be found throughout the building - we urge you to use them.