Health Center Clinical Staff

Director of Student Health Services

A photo of Dr. VanCott
Mary Grooms VanCott



A photo of Dr. Davis
Jay Davis, MD
Family Practice, Emergency Medicine


A photo of Dr. VanArsdale
Jessica VanArsdale, MD, MPH
Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine


A photo of Dr. Morden

Alan Morden, MD - Medical Director
Family Practice


A photo of Dr. Tessler

Irv Tessler, MD


Nurse Practitioners

A photo of Laura Black, FNP
Laura D. Black, FNP


A photo of Jackie Wiedemann, FNP

Jackie Wiedemann, FNP



A photo of Jennifer Vanella, RN

Jennifer Brown, RN


A photo of Kim Perris, RN

Kim Perris, RN


Health Educator

A photo of Mira Friedman
Mira Friedman




A photo of Mona Roberts
Mona Roberts
Clinical Laboratory Assistant




A photo of Judy Tengbom
Judy Tengbom, MT(ASCP), CLS
Clinical Laboratory Scientist




A photo of Susan Whitney
Susan Whitney, MT(ASCP), CLS
Clinical Laboratory Scientist





Medical Assistants

A photo of Debbie Boydstun
Debbie Boydstun




A photo of Cathy Grace
Cathy Grace





A photo of Karin Rodamer
Karin Rodamer





A photo of Brandi Shipman
Brandi Shipman, CCMA-C





Medical Records

A photo of Maggie Gonzalez
Maggie Gonzalez





A photo of Diana Henson & Debbie Stamper
Debbie Stamper & Diane Henson





A photo of Anne Madsen
Anne Madsen






A photo of Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook, Pharm.D






A photo of Merrie Dawn Enos
Merrie Dawn Enos, Radiologic Technologist