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About HEIF

Get Involved With Our Committee

The HEIF Committee is accepting letters of interest form students interesting in voting positions on the committee.  The HEIF Committee is made up of student, staff, and faculty voting members with a student majority.  The Committee both directs the Fund to decrease the energy dependence of the campus and makes all project funding decisions.   Some of these student voting members are selected by Associated Students at the beginning of each semester.  The HEIF Committee would like to provide recommendations for this selection process for dedicated students.  Please submit your letter electronically to heif@humboldt.edu.    

Reminder:  HEIF Committee Meetings are open to all students!

Committee Structure and Membership

Student Leaders

  • Susanne Loutsis, Student Co-Chair, Email: heif+susanne@humboldt.edu
  • Leabeth Peterson, Projects Manager, Email: heif+leabeth@humboldt.edu
  • Anthony Baker, Fund Manager

Voting Members

  • Traci Ferdolage, Staff
  • Silas Biggin, Staff
  • David Vernon, Faculty
  • Tall Chief Comet, Staff
  • Arne Jacobsen, Faculty
  • Brietta Linney, Student
  • Tim Moxon, Staff Co-Chair
  • Jesse Shrader, CCAT Designee, Student
  • Juliene Sinclair, Student
  • Amit Khare, Student
  • Corrine Krupp, Student
  • Ana Cortes, Student
  • Julia Clark, Student

Non-Voting Members

  • Heather DeCotes
  • Richard Engel, Staff
  • Steve Hackett, Faculty
  • Ben Hylton, Staff
  • Morgan King, Staff
  • Sue McIntyre, Faculty
  • Rosemary Smith, Staff
  • Dave Vernon, Faculty
  • Karen Diemer, Community Member