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HEIF Funding and Finances

The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) receives money from student fees; specifically the Instructionally Related fees portion of the assessment contributes $12 per semester, per student, to the fund. The amount was voted on by students through an Associated Students General Elections process in 2004, which passed with 86% of the students signifying approval.

When the HEIF Committee (Committee) opens project submission periods it tries to allocate the amount of funding available at that time. If the total amount from approved proposals does not fully obligate the amount of funding available, the remaining amount can be rolled forward to be made available at the next submission period. Multi-phased projects can be submitted that would exceed the total funding available at the time of submission, assuming the project schedule demonstrates phases will occur as new funding is received.

Tracking of HEIF obligations, expenditures, and account balances is performed by Plant Operations financial support staff under the direction of the Senior Director of Facilities Management, who is the staff co-chair of the Committee. A small amount of funds are used for administrative activities for HEIF, such as promoting open proposal events, developing web site content, student HEIF manager, and managing project implementation/procurement (maximum 7% overhead).

Current HEIF Fund Balance and Obligations

Source Revenue Project Budget Potential Admin Fee Expense to Date Encumbered to Date Total Used Total Remaining Total Available for RFP
Revenue Source
IRA Fall 07-08 Fees 72,225.86              
IRA Fall 07-08 Fees 71,4892.49              
IRA Summer 08-09 Fees 5,016.97              
IRA Fall 08-09 Fees 75,442.57              
Projected IRA Spring 08-09 Fees 72,000.00              
Expense - Projects
Old Music Photovoltaic   95,943.00 6,716.01     0.00 95,943.00  
SoRMs   4,686.00 328.02 3,872.98   3,872.98 813.02  
CCAT Solar Thermal   14,951.00 1,046.57     0.00 14,951.00  
Compost Bins   6,274.00 439.18     0.00 6,274.00  
Building Energy Intern   29,960.00 2,097.2018     0.00 29,960.00  
Science D & E Retrofit   25,000.00 1,750.00     0.00 25,000.00  
Expenses - Project Management
Salary   2,900.00 203.00 1,760.00   1,760.00 1,140.00  
Marketing   5,000.00 350.00          
  296,177.89 184,714.00 12,929.98 5,632.98 0.00 5,632.98 174,081.02 98,533.91

HSU Energy Independence Fund·Dept ID: U90036·Fund: TO110·November 5, 2009