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About HEIF

Mission Statement

The mission of the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) is to reduce the environmental impact of energy use at HSU through student driven projects.

The five primary goals of the Fund:


  • The HEIF will achieve its mission through projects that are developed by students and, to the extent possible, implemented, monitored, and maintained with strong student involvement.
  • The HEIF will require accountability by measuring and reporting quantitative and qualitative results, as well as levels of involvement by students and other participants, in all its projects.
  • The HEIF will strive to make its projects derive from and be connected to the curriculum of the university.
  • The HEIF will support dissemination of information about its projects through public outreach and educational activities.
  • The HEIF will seek to publicize accomplishments and experiences associated with its program and projects through a variety of media.


Proposals are being requested that directly address the mission of HEIF and at least one of the goals above. The HEIF was first proposed by students in 2000 as an approach to addressing the adverse ecological and cultural effects of HSU's dependence on external energy sources. The Fund was finally established in Fall 2007 and is maintained through the Instructionally Related Activities Fee.