Get Involved

The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) has many opportunities for students to get involved in campus-wide projects. Being on a HEIF team, participating in committee meetings, and suggesting campus energy efficient projects allows students to network with staff and faculty, gaining invaluable experience. Come join our team!

Submit an Idea Paper

The HEIF is an on-campus organization that promotes student-driven projects to reduce the environmental impacts associated with energy use. Students come up with the ideas, and students develop and manage the ideas. Idea papers are a chance for students to submit their concepts to the HEIF committee who will then review all submitted papers and choose which are possible to be implemented on campus. If you’re interested in contributing an idea on campus, writing an idea paper is the way to do it! 

Click here for printable version of the Idea Paper Guidelines! When you're ready (and before any deadline) email your paper to 2018 Idea Papers due April 3rd by 5 pm.

Click here for HEIF Workshop flyer with workshop dates and Idea Paper deadline.

Apply for a Student Position 

Students have the opportunity to bring idea papers to fruition by applying to Development Teams. These teams are responsible for writing project proposals that have been brought forth by other student's idea papers. Development Teams can range from 1-4 students per team and we usually have a range of 2-5 teams per semester. HEIF also has two standing teams that typically work for a full academic year; the Building Standards Team and Energy Analysis Team who work on a wide variety of energy and sustainable projects. If you have any questions about whether or not we are currently hiring, please email

Become a Committee Member

As part of the HEIF committee, students gain the opportunity to familiarize themselves with sustainable campus projects. You will be offered the chance to contribute to discussions and decisions, give feedback on student presentations and ideas and take on leadership roles as they become available.  

You will need to complete the following steps to become a student voting member:

  • Fill out an application of interest to the AS council office in the University Center
  • Schedule an interview with the President of the AS council
  • Attend the council meeting following your interview to gain council approval
  • Once approved by the council, you can attend meetings and start voting on HEIF decisions