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HEIF is looking for interested students to join the committee as voting members to help determine which projects get funded, propose energy related projects to better our campus and help shape HEIF's future.

If interested contact HEIF at heif@humboldt.edu for an Associate Students Committee Application.

Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF)

HEIF is a student-led association on campus with the common goal of attaining energy independence from the electrical grid, while providing educational opportunities that are truly unique to our campus. This committee-based organization is composed of students, faculty and staff who advise students in proposing and awarding projects related to energy conservation and renewable energy systems. Our goal is for every project to succeed so use the resources of the Committee!

Projects can include:

  1. Reduction of nonrenewable resources
  2. Behavioral change activities
  3. Technical projects - including solar installations or building modifications
  4. Campaigning or social awareness activities
  5. Interpretive art and education
  6. Any other energy-related project of your creation!!

The HEIF has awarded eight (11) projects totaling over $350,000 dollars since the spring of 2008. Every single one was a proposal written by students, voted on by a student majority, overseen by students and constructed or implemented partially by students. All of this included the help of Plant Operations that has matched funds totaling close to $400,000 and faculty advising.

You are highly encouraged to make this a rich and fulfilling educational opportunity outside of the classroom! Get grant-writing experience, leave a legacy and build items on your resumé!

For specific activities and bi-weekly Committee meeting times contact: