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    The Humboldt Energy Iindependence Fund was created to foster student input and involvement by providing them a route by which to affect change on campus in ways which make the campus greener. We would love to hear about your great idea and talk to you about how we can work together to develop a plan and implement it. Sustainability is the goal and we encourage students to get involved, it is a great way to impact others and the community at large by showing that we can make a difference! Here are some examples of past ideas and proposals which could be expanded and developed upon. Send us an e-mail at heif+ideas@humboldt.edu.

Campus wide audit – PG&E significant partner

Monitor buildings on finer scale

  • Take part in competition

Alternative transportation CULTURE

  • Faculty and Staff- important for culture
  • Later services
  • Bike parking
  • Bike rentals – we have cards

Bio-Digesters Partners with dairies

  • Waste – Diary partnership

Insulation (blown-in insulations)

Maple Drafting issues

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Heating loads

Strategic building loading

  • Increase occupancy at night, weekend
  • Dial down HVAC
  • Look to other campuses
    • Policies
    • Strategies
    • Technologies
    • By-In from Plant-Operations (which buildings can “turn down”?)
    • Summer school key!

Flushless Urnals

  • Maintenance issues
  • Time to try again! Newer technology

Bio Digester our wastes (food and others wastes )

  • Offset landfill for food waste

Low flow showerhead and faucets

Bloom energy

  • Natural gas fuel cell

Plug loads

Old PV system reinstalled

  • Behavior change – turn me off signs
  • In buildings
  • IT solutions

Behavior change projects

Co Gen rebuild

Housing Audits

  • Co-Gen Recommendations
  • Housing Recommendations

Natural lighting

  • Solar tubes –see CCAT

Living roofs


  • Moodle for car pools
  • Bike rides
  • Zimride

HSU Pledge - Transportation

  • Like car free day
  • Days of the year
  • Pledge Percentage
  • Google maps – join with Computer Sciences

Good Purchasing

  • On Campus gardens
  • Use our Compost on campus
  • Arcata Ed Farm
  • CSA for HSU
  • Rainwater collection

Car pool permit for Parking

Grid intertie At Trinidad

Trashcan - Recycling bins too similar

  • Buckets only at depot

Bicycles in RCA

Reusable cup at coffee shops

Window watchers

  • Janitors do so now
  • Volunteers could help in the effort