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Student Involvement

HEIF is paid for by students and thus focuses on student involvement and education in an effort to help students gain practical experience while training the next generation to be environmentally responsible.

The HEIF committee is co-chaired by a student and contains four voting student positions: one Campus Center for Appropriate Technology designee, one Associated Students designee and two students at large. There is also a student HEIF manager position on the committee.

All interested students are welcome to attend meetings and engage in discussion.

Participating Groups

When creating a proposal many students find it helpful to become associated with a club to acquire extra help and brain power. Check out HSU's “green” clubs list hyperlink to Sustainability in Mind clubs list for more information about relevant clubs. Also check out the Environmental section of our Clubs & Activities page here.

Contact Leabeth Peterson, Projects Manager, at heif+leabeth@humboldt.edu or Corrine Krupp, Development Manager at heif+corrine@humboldt.edu and start your HEIF life today!