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Dr. Michael MeslerMichael R. Mesler
Herbarium Director, Professor of Botany

Contact: mrm1@humboldt.edu | website

Research: Pollination biology, reproductive biology of ferns

Robin BencieRobin Bencie
Collections Manager, Lecturer

Contact: mrb1@humboldt.edu

Research: Gramineae, rare plants of northwest California

James P. Smith
Curator of Vascular Plants, Professor or Botany, Emeritus

Contact: jps2@humboldt.edu

Research: Systematics of grasses, biology of poisonous plants, flora of northwestern California.

John SawyerJohn O. Sawyer, Jr.
Professor of Botany, Emeritus

Contact: jos2@humboldt.edu

Research: Classification of the terrestrial vegetation of California; ecology of forests, coastal scrub, and sand dunes of northwest California; taxonomy and plant geography of California's woody flora.

Kjirsten A. WaymanKjirsten A. Wayman
Professor of Chemistry, Research Associate

Contact: Kjirsten.Wayman@humboldt.edu

Research: Chemistry of floral fragrances in Trillium, the use of secondary compounds to study hybridization, flora of the western Trinity Alps, distribution of white fir (Abies concolor) and grand fir (Abies grandis) in the Klamath region.