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  • Eschker, Erick, Joshua Meisel and Jeff Grabinski. "College Students Working in the Marijuana Industry" 2014
  • Eschker, Erick. "Measures of Marijuana Production"
  • Gold, Gregg J. and S.L. Lee. "How Pre-College Perceptions of Alcohol and Marijuana Use Affect Actual College Use".
  • Plume, Jason (2012). Cultivating Reform: Nixon’s Illicit Substance Control Legacy, Medical Marijuana Social Movement Organizations and Venue Shopping. PhD dissertation, Syracus University.
  • Plume, Jason. "The Reagan and Bush Drug Years: Path Dependency of the War on Drugs 1981-1993."
  • Plume, Jason. "Looking Away toward Reform: Multiple Coalitions of Medical Marijuana Social Movement Organizations in State Policy Making Institutions." Western Political Science Association presentation March 2013.
  • Silvaggio, Anthony. "The Environmental and Human Health Impacts of the Marijuana Industrial Complex."
  • Silvaggio, Anthony. "Killer buds: Illegal pesticide use and environmental crimes of the marijuana industry in northern California."
  • Silvaggio, Anthony. "Environmental Challenges of Marijuana Agriculture in the Age of Prohibition."