Maria Schrock (2008)

Maria Schrock

I graduated from HSU in May 2008, at which time I went to New Mexico State University to pursue a Master of Arts degree in history. The M.A. program was not as difficult as I had imagined it would be, which I realized was because of how well my professors at HSU had prepared me for the great load of coursework I faced as a graduate student. At the end of my first year I got two scholarships to do research in Peru, where I researched the agrarian reform that took place from 1965 to 1969 and used that research to write my master’s thesis, titled “Juan Velasco Alvarado and the Agrarian Reform: Myths and Realities, 1965-1969.”
While a master’s student, I became the president of Phi Alpha Theta and the administrative officer of the New Mexico State University Graduate Student Council. I also became a member of the New England Council of Latin American Studies, for which I presented two papers. The first paper is titled “Mexican Women: A Traditional Society,” which I wrote in my senior seminar at HSU with professor Pasztor. I graduated from NMSU in fall 2010 and started a Ph.D. program at University of Texas at El Paso the same semester. My area of study is Environmental History of Latin America.
In a near future I see myself teaching in a four-year institution, where I hope to apply some of the teaching techniques I have learned from my professors from HSU, NMSU, and UTEP. However, I will always be thankful to my HSU professors who gave me the bases I needed to be successful for anything beyond my Bachelor of Arts degree in history.