Victoria Munguia

B.A. History-Social Science Education 2013

I am grateful for all the support and professional development opportunities I received from the History Department’s faculty and staff throughout my academic career attending HSU. The History- Social Science Education Pathway has provided me with direct teaching experiences and has given me the confidence I need to succeed as a future educator of history. I am excited to start working with high school students from my hometown through Humboldt State University’s Secondary Education Program, and applying the valuable knowledge I have gained from my instructors into my own classroom practices. As a distance learner, I anticipate sharing with my community the knowledge I have gained helping with the coordination of Humboldt County’s History Day competition, and have been inspired working with local students, teachers, businesses, and school district employees who helped realize the development and success of History Day. Before I transfer the skills I have gained at the university teaching students from different communities, I will be working with students from the surrounding area over the summer teaching history to college bound high school students using my native Spanish language as an instructor for Upward Bound program at College of the Redwoods.