Michelle Masaye Kiso (2011)

summer in Japan

I graduated magna cum laude from Humboldt State University in May 2011 with a B.A. in History and International Studies (area focus: Latin America) and minors in Anthropology, Geography, Linguistics, Philosophy and Spanish. I am now in the first year of the UCLA Ph.D. program in History, where I have been awarded a five-year funding package and the Chancellor’s Prize Fellowship. My work there will focus on Latin America, specifically 20th century Brazilian environmental history.

While at Humboldt State University, I benefited from many different courses, particularly those taught by Dr. Pasztor—especially Women in Latin America and History of Brazil (which inspired my current research focus), Dr. Marschke (whose Historical Methods class gave me a foundation in theory that has proven invaluable in my present studies) and Dr. Mays (who directed the Spring ‘11 Senior Seminar, and helped to refine my research interests further). I also appreciate the opportunity Dr. Dakota Hamilton gave me in allowing me to T.A. for her 311 course, which gave me insight into the challenges and great rewards of university-level teaching. Dr. Hamilton’s mentorship through that period helped me to build greater confidence in myself and to become even more certain that I was following the correct path.

Finally, I will always be grateful for the guidance and encouragement of my advisor, Dr. Suzanne Pasztor, whose thoughtful critiques helped me to grow, and whose advice has played an integral role in my academic development.