Residential Academic Mentoring Program- now hiring

HSU now offers additional support to our first year students. The Residential Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) provides each first year student with academically focused peer mentoring throughout their whole freshmen year. The program kicked off last August and we are working to improve the program everyday. The biggest factor in having a successful program is making sure that we have quality peer mentors who can assist new students. We would love to have your assistance in the mentor selection process.

RAMP has officially opened our application for the 2013-2014 academic year. We are currently seeking students to serve as peer mentors for our incoming freshmen class. Our plan is to hire nearly 50 new mentors to help grow our program and provide additional support to our growing student body. It would be wonderful if your department could help us promote this opportunity to the students you work with. If there are student leaders you know of please spread the word about this on campus employment opportunity. If there are students you would like us to personally reach out to, please fill out this short form available at: We will make an effort to contact each of your nominees to let them know about this excellent opportunity. Applications are open until February 2, 2013 and can be found online at Listed below are brief descriptions of the various positions open with RAMP.

Student Assistant- An administrative position responsible for data entry, office management, filing, and managing time sheets. The Student Assistant position also supports all special projects and administrative tasks assigned to the Coordinator of Education & Engagement. (20 hours/week, $10/hour)

Academic Mentor- A peer mentor position dedicated to providing additional academic support to first time freshmen. Each Academic Mentor is assigned a cohort of 20 students which they meet with on a rotating basis. Mentors help mentees navigate academic policies, utilize campus resources and get involved at HSU. (10 hours/week, $10/hour)

Lead Mentor- A peer mentor with a cohort of 20 students that they provide with academic support. In addition Lead Mentors support Academic Mentors, assist with staff supervision, plan large scale events, develop academic workshops and assist with training. (20 hours/week, $12/hour)

Minimum Qualifications

1) Must be enrolled full-time at HSU.
2) Must have attended HSU for at least one full year and have at least sophomore status.
3) Must be knowledgeable about campus resources.
4) Must meet a semester and cumulative GPA requirement of 2.7+.
5) Must demonstrate leadership abilities through current or previous involvement in HSU campus organizations, academic programs, clubs, or athletic teams.
6) Must be in good standing (no pending conduct cases, or history of serious conduct issues).
7) Must be willing to work with diverse student populations.
8) Must be able to attend Spring and Fall Training. Spring Trainings are every Friday beginning March 29th from 3:00pm-5:00pm.

If you have any questions about RAMP and/or our selection process, please feel free to contact (707)826-5540 or check out our website at

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