Student Learning Outcomes

The History Department at HSU has identified five primary skills that History majors should learn.

1. Critical Thinking

In learning critical thinking, students learn to use advanced methods to analyze disparate sources, form original arguments regarding historical events or phenomena, and critically analyze the validity of arguments regarding causality and significance of historical events or phenomena.

2. Research

In learning research skills, students learn to create advanced search criterea, use sources in support of an argument, and properly cite a variety of primary sources and create a bibliography.

3. Writing

In learning writing skills, students learn to develop and support a complicated argument, employ proper paragraphing and transition techniques, and properly paraphrase, quote, and cite sources.

4. Oral Presentation

In learning oral presentation skills, students learn to convey complicated information clearly, use appropriate media, and engage an audience.

5. Historiography and Historical Methodology

In learning historiography and historical methodology, students learn about specific complex historiographical changes and debates, about different methods’ applicability and limitations, and about different schools of analysis and their premises, implications, and limitations.