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Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

Issue 34 - Social Justice, Action, Teaching and Research

The theme of Issue 34 of the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations is Social Justice Action, Teaching, and Research. This issue focuses on different aspects of social justice, and looks at how social justice is used by Artists, Activists and Scholars as they produce works and fight for social justice causes.

Social Justice Action Teaching and Research.pdf

These are the articles individually linked as PDF's so they can be downloaded separately:

  • Introduction
  • Art of Social Justice
  • Social Justice, Action, and Teaching: The Legacies of Eric Rofes
  • Afterward: Eric Rofes' Legacy
  • Designing 'Queer' Across Cultures: Disrupting the Consumption of Diversity
  • Challenges in Minimizing Teacher Authority
  • Keeping People In Their Homes: Boston's Anti-Foreclosure Movement
  • A Study Abroad Program in Tanzania
  • How Porous are the Walls That Separate Us?
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