Humboldt State University

Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

Issue 39 - Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education

Rollerskates (poem)

David Longstreth


Counter Spaces in Higher Education: A Critical Race Analysis of Cultural Resource Centers

Lupe Tinoco Oliveros


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Students Promoting Institutional Equity

Alicia Flores

Students Promoting Institutional Equity was created in 2016 under the facilitation of Dr. Michelle Cartier's Social Change and Digital Production class in the Film department at Humboldt State University. The piece is intended to serve as a prequel for future student documentation and activism, juxtaposing HSU as a case study of the larger California State University system, and academia at large. SPIE centers indigeneity, colonialism, resurgence and decolonization as its theoretical lenses and has recently had international attention because of its critical analysis. Alicia Flores was featured as a guest lecturer at the 2017 Ethnic Studies Summit at Chapman University, at which conference they were honored amongst a panel of activists of color, and at which SPIE served its purpose as a platform of discussion. SPIE has also began and continued discussions of institutional violence and indigeneity at San Francisco State University, San Diego State University, Long Beach State University, University of California Berkley, New Mexico State University and University of Waikato, New Zealand, to name a few institutional spaces.

Imbalance: Mental Health as Student Support

Heather Clark

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Fat in the Academy

Torisha Stone

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