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Conference Accommodations

Conference Services: Planner and Guest Services

Conference Housing

Conference housing is available from mid June to the end of July.

Residence halls are used for orientations, workshops, conferences and camps sponsored by university departments.

Each summer, approximately 1700 guests stay in conference housing and attend over 25 conferences that promote education, research and public service.

Housing accommodations and dining services may be reserved by submitting the Summer Conference Application. The Conference Coordinator will contact the applicant to discuss housing availability and to confirm the reservation. A contract will be sent in March and must be signed and returned by May 15th or the reservation is forfeited.

The Conference Office must receive housing lists in writing no later than 7 calendar days prior to the conference start date. The housing list should include the participant's name, gender and any roommate requests. Please also note any special requirements your participants may have that would affect their housing placement or dining needs.

There are four different types of residence halls, the Canyon, Cypress, Creekview and the Hill. Each of the four types have their own floor plans. Please review the residence hall information on this website when considering which hall would work best for your conference. The Creekview Apartments are considered an upgrade and cost more per night than the other residence halls. During the summer months the Conference Coordinator can take you on a tour of any vacant residence halls.

We offer both single and double occupancy rooms. Single occupancy rooms are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. All beds in both the single and the double rooms are twin beds.

Check-in time is after 3:00pm and check out time is before noon unless prior arrangements are made by Conference Services.

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Conference Dining

Dining Services are available during the conference season.

Meal costs are included in the Summer Conference rates. Participants use their access card as a meal card to grant access to dining. Commuters and other guests not staying on campus can purchase meals on a cash basis. If you would like to treat certain guests to meals or provide commuters with only some meals, you can consign meal tickets in advance.

Dining is "all you can eat" cafeteria style with a hot entrée line that includes vegetarian options and meat entrees, vegetables and side dishes. There is also a soup bar, salad bar, fruit and yogurt and fountain beverages.

Meal times are as follows:

Monday - Saturday
Breakfast 7:00am - 8:30am
Lunch 11:30am - 1:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Brunch 10:30am - 12:30pm
Dinner 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Catering Services are available for any of your special meetings and events. Arrangements may be made through the Conference Coordinator or the Catering office.

Since several different groups use the dining facilities at similar times, we strongly suggest that groups of 80 or more divide their participants into at least two or three shifts and stagger the times the guests arrive for meals. This will reduce the time your guests and others have to wait in line to eat.

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Meeting Facilities

During June and July, the Conference Coordinator can reserve the Creekside Lounge and meeting facilities in the Jolly Giant Commons. These rooms include:

Room Floor
Mad River Room 2nd Floor
Klamath River Room 2nd Floor
Agate Beach Room Mezzanine Level
Clam Beach Room Mezzanine Level
Moonstone Beach Room Mezzanine Level
Recreation Room 1st Floor
"J" Dining Room (Dining Events Only) 3rd Floor
The Aquarium 3rd Floor

The Conference Coordinator can assist with making reservations in Nelson Hall East and the University Center. These rooms include all of the Nelson Hall meeting rooms, Goodwin Forum, Kate Buchanan Room and both the Karshner and South Lounges. The Green and Gold Room in Founders Hall can also be reserved.

There is a classroom in Sunset Hall that may be reserved by groups residing in Sunset Hall. Please contact the Conference Coordinator for assistance.

Arrangements can be made for AV equipment, tables and chairs, podium, stages, screens and PA systems.

Rates, if applicable, will depend on your set-up requirements.

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Custodial Services

Conferees will receive a blanket, pillow, bed linen, bath towels, soap and cup. The linen is placed at the foot of the bed; conferees are expected to make their own beds. Maid service is not provided for individual rooms.

During your conference, our staff will insure that all public areas and bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Furniture or linens and blankets may not be removed from guest rooms for any reason. Any remaining towels or linens should be left in the room when preparing to check out. The cost of replacing any missing articles will be invoiced to the conference. Beds, mattresses and desks may not be moved without the permission of the Summer Conference Staff.

Custodial staff will be going through the rooms after departure to assess the room condition and to note if any fees for missing linen will need to be charged.

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Conference Desk Services

During the summer conference season, the Conference Desk on the 1st floor of the Jolly Giant Commons is open from 8:00am to 11:00pm daily. The desk can be reached by calling (707) 826-5519 or 5519 from any campus phone.

Staff is on-call during the night and will respond to emergencies along with the UPD.

Conference Staff will assist with all conference group check-ins and check-outs.

The Conference Staff is available for any questions the guest may have about their stay and about the area. We have local maps available as well as campus maps and off-campus housing lists for those who are interested.

The staff would be happy to call a taxi or shuttle to pick-up the guest. We also have an Arcata Transit System bus schedule at the desk for guests to view.

Any problems with the guest's room should be called in to the Conference Desk so our maintenance department can be notified.

Messages and mail can be directed to the Conference Desk and staff will notify the guest by posting the message or mail notice on the message board in the cafeteria.

Guests who lose their key or access card will need to report the loss to the Conference Desk and request a replacement. Unless the conference is covering the costs of lost keys and cards, the guest will be charged $35 for lost keys and $5 for a lost card.

Guests may request an additional blanket or exchange their towel for a clean, dry one.

Parking permits and meal tickets are available for purchase at the desk.

Clothes hangers, alarm clocks and reading lamps may be borrowed from the Conference Desk.

Lost and found items are kept at the Conference Desk.

The Desk maintains records of who is on campus and what room they are residing in. This information will be essential in an emergency.

Guest survey forms are available at the desk as well as placed in each room. We strongly encourage everyone to complete one before leaving. We compile all of the survey results and share them with all staff. Many of our expanded services are a result of the survey responses.

In the adjacent Recreation Room there is a large screen TV for guests to watch their favorite programs. There is also ping-pong, billiards and several video games for guest use.

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Checking In

When your participants come to check in, they will need to go to the 1st floor of the Jolly Giant Commons to the Conference Desk. There, they will be greeted and asked what conference they are attending and their name. The staff person will bring their housing and dining packet to the desk and will initial and date their registration card to show they have checked in. They will then give the guest their:

  • Room number and hall
  • Room Key Card and Meal Card (one card)
  • "Staying on Campus" brochure

If the conference planner has requested it, the staff person will collect a key/card deposit to cover the cost of cards or keys that are not returned at the end of the conference.

The staff person will demonstrate how to use the card access system to gain access to the guest's residence hall and room. If requested, the staff will show the guest the key to the locked drawer in their room. We also inform guests to call us if they have any problem and show them where our desk phone number is located in the "Staying on Campus" brochure.

In the" Staying on Campus" brochure there is a welcoming statement and information on:

  • Map of the Residence Halls
  • Lost key and card fees
  • Instructions on checking out
  • Desk hours
  • Meal hours
  • Instructions to call the desk to report any maintenance problems
  • Where the Message Board is located
  • Telephone information
  • Safety Information and Emergency Procedures

The guest will then be given directions on how to get to their room and where to best park. We do not offer assistance with luggage.

If these services need to be altered or expanded for your conference, please discuss your options with the Conference Coordinator.

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Checking Out

When checking out, the guest will return to the 1st floor of the Jolly Giant Commons and will go to the Conference Desk.

The guest will return their card and their locked drawer key (if they requested one). If they were required to leave a key deposit it will be returned to them now. If they have lost their access card and the planner requested they pay for the lost card, the fee will be collected now.

The guest will return any hangers, alarm clocks or reading lamp they borrowed.

The staff person will initial and date the guest's registration card to record their departure date.

The guest will be asked if they enjoyed their stay. The guest will be encouraged to complete a survey form and thanked for staying with us at Humboldt State University.

If these services need to be altered or expanded for your conference, please discuss your options with the Conference Coordinator.

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Messages and Mail

Guests who will be receiving mail or packages should use the following address:
HSU Housing
Guest Name
Name of Conference
355 Granite Ave.
Arcata, CA 95521

Phone messages are taken at the Conference Desk and then posted on the Message Board located in the Jolly Giant Commons Dining Room (3rd floor). Guests are welcome to use the message board to post notes for each other as well. The Conference Desk can be reached at (707) 826-5519. Urgent messages will be posted on the guest's room door.

"You've Received Mail" notices are posted on the Message Board in the Cafeteria. Guests are asked to present identification in order to pick up any mail.

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Parking and Parking Permits

Parking regulations are enforced during the summer conference season, just as they are during the fall and spring semesters.

Parking permits are available for purchase at the Conference Desk or the conference may elect to purchase a permit for each participant. Permits can be charged to the conference group at the desk or arrangements can be made with the Conference Coordinator to secure a block of permits for the group to distribute at their own location. A weekly permit sells for $6 and a daily permit sells for $2. Permits are not required on the weekends. There is also metered parking available near the Jolly Giant Commons and the Cypress Lawn.

Guests may park in any General parking lot. Permits purchased from the Conference Desk will be stamped "Conference Guest" and this will enable guests to park in any Residence parking lot as well. The Jolly Giant Commons parking lot is ideal for groups staying in the Canyon and Cypress halls. For groups staying in Redwood or Sunset Halls, there is limited parking behind Sunset Hall. We ask that those who can to park in the Jolly Giant Commons lot after they drop off their luggage and take the elevators or stairs back up the their residence hall to enable less mobile guests to park in the Sunset Hill parking lot. The Creekview apartments have their own parking lot.

"Conference Guest" marked parking permits are not valid in Staff parking lots or at the meters. Parking citations are issued for violations.

Should a guest receive a parking citation and elect to appeal it, citation review forms are available at the Conference Desk.

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Pay phones are available and are conveniently located around the housing complex and in the Jolly Giant Commons.

There are no phones in the individual rooms.

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Recreation Facilities

The 1st floor of the Jolly Giant Commons has a recreation room with billiards, ping-pong, video games and a large screen TV. This area is directly behind the Conference Desk and is open from 8:00am to 11:00pm daily for guests' enjoyment.

There is a sand volleyball court behind Redwood Hall that is available on a first come, first serve basis.

The campus has outdoor tennis courts and a track that are available for use as well.

The Cypress Lawn is also a wonderful place to relax, BBQ or play Frisbee. On occasion, the Cypress Lawn is reserved for special events but is otherwise open to all guests.

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Shuttle and Taxi Services

To reserve the Door to Door Airporter for shuttle service from the Airport to the Jolly Giant Commons, please call (707) 442-9266 or toll free 1 800-338-5497. They accept Checks, Credit Cards and Cash.

Taxi service is available by calling:

Coastal Cab:
No Checks or Credit Cards
Yellow Cab:
No Checks. Credit Cards Accepted

The local bus system phone numbers are:

Redwood Transit System:
(get a schedule here)
Arcata & Mad River Transit System:
(get a schedule here)

There is a bus schedule available for guests to review at the Conference Desk.

Greyhound can be reached at 825-8934 or 1 800-231-222.

The Desk Staff would be happy to call a taxi or the Door-to-Door Airporter on the guest's behalf.

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Local Medical Services

In an emergency, dial 911 from any campus phone or the University Police at 826-5555.

Area Hospitals:

Mad River Community Hospital
(2 miles north of campus)
3798 Janes Road
Arcata, CA
St. Joseph Hospital
2700 Dolbeer St.
Eureka, CA

Urgent Care Facilities:

Express Walk-In Care
Mad River Community Hospital
(2 miles north of campus)
3798 Janes Road
Arcata, CA
822-7220 ext. 8270
5-9 pm Monday through Friday
1-9 pm Saturday and Sunday
St. Joseph Hospital, General Hospital Campus
2200 Harrison Ave.
Eureka, CA 445-5111
8 am to 8 pm Everyday

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