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handbook - Residence Hall Amenities

Lounges / Common Area


All residents have access to community lounges in their specific living areas intended for studying, watching television or hanging out with friends. These common areas have a variety of furniture, equipment and games for the comfort and enjoyment of the residents. Canyon and the Hill have community kitchen facilities located in the basements (Canyon) and lounges (Hill). Cookware is not supplied in the kitchens but can be checked out from the Information Desk located on the first floor of the Jolly Giant Commons. We expect that residents will respect each other and keep the residence hall facilities in good shape for everyone to enjoy. As with all common areas, all residents of the community are responsible for their area. Common areas such as lounges may be reserved by residents through their Residence Life Coordinator.

Courtesy / Emergency Phones

Each complex has at least one courtesy and/or emergency phone in a convenient location. Housing, university business and office phones with the prefix 826 can be reached by dialing the last four digits of the phone number.

phones are located outside the back door of Redwood and the front door of Sunset.

phones are located near the front doors of Chinquapin, Hemlock, Madrone and Maple.
phones are located on the west end of the 2nd floor, the east end of the 3rd and 8th floors.
phones are located in front of Juniper, Willow and Laurel.

Campus Apartments
nearest phones are located on the library-parking lot side of EOP, House 56, near the library, and in the SBS parking lot. 

phones are located in the Parking Lot, west end of the 1st & 2nd floors, inside the Mezzanine Level and the east side of 2nd floor.

College Creek:
phones are located on the north side of the Del Norte/ Shasta main entrance, the Community Center on the Harpst/Rossow street side, east side of the Trinity/Mendocino main entry, and the west side of the locker rooms by the soccer field along L K Wood.

Jolly Giant Commons (JGC)

The Jolly Giant Commons (JGC) is the main building for Housing & Residence Life Services, and is where the bulk of our resident services are located. Resident Services Student Assistants (RSSA) are student staff who primarily work in the JGC and are responsible for staffing the Information Desk, Housing Desk, JGC Mail Room, College Creek Mail Room and provide assistance as Walk-Around staff. RSSAs are the initial contact for the Housing Department and interface with students, parents, guests and the campus community on a daily basis. They also assist residents in lockouts, maintenance requests, checking equipment in and out, providing access to Housing Facilities and answering general Housing questions. RSSAs provide many of the services available in the JGC that are described below.

First Floor Amenities

The Information Desk can answer any of your Housing and Dining questions, as well as provide you with the following services:

  • check out equipment such as cooking supplies, video games and systems, board games, sports equipment and more (a complete list is available at the desk)
  • reserve and gain access to mezzanine and second floor rooms for studying or meetings
  • access the weight and exercise room
  • reserve the hot tub and/or sauna
  • get assistance when locked out of room or obtain a temporary key
  • report maintenance problems (same day service requests)
  • report noise/safety/maintenance/custodial concerns
  • locate lost and found items
  • borrow books from the Housing and Dining honor library
  • register guests
  • find programming information
  • obtain copies of the weekend shuttle service schedule
  • use the Onity kiosk to change your ID card pin number

The Recreation Room is adjacent to the Information Desk on the first floor of the JGC. It is a great place to hang out with friends, watch TV and play ping-pong, pool, arcade games, air hockey or the piano. RPB shows recently released movies on the big screen during the year so watch for announcements. To reserve the Recreation Room, please contact the Residence Life Administrative Support Assistant, Jana Ashbrook, at 707-826-5535 or by email:

The Giant’s Cupboard is a convenience store that sells a variety of products for meal points, C-Card points, credit and cash. It is open evenings and weekends.                                 

The Weight Room/Sauna/Spa is located behind the Information Desk on the first floor. Residents and their invited guests may gain access during Information Desk hours. Showers are available. Resident hosts are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests and must accompany them at all times when using the facility. There may be no more than one guest per resident.  Residents must bring their HSU ID card.

Please exercise caution when using these facilities. Neither HSU nor Housing is responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during or as a result of weight room/sauna/hot tub use. Each patron of the weight room/sauna/spa must sign a release before using the facilities.

Mezzanine Level

The floor in between the first and second floors of the JGC is the Mezzanine Level. There are meeting rooms available for resident use when not reserved by registered groups or student organizations. Residents who wish to use these rooms for group studying should check availability with the Housing Office or Information Desk (depending on the time of day). Residents may reserve these rooms on a limited basis for studying or group meetings.

The Clam Beach Room is located on the Mezzanine Level of the JGC and serves as a Residential Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) office, and as a computer lab available exclusively to residents. This lab has computers that are connected to the university campus network and the Internet. The computer lab closes daily thirty minutes prior to the closing of the Jolly Giant Commons. The computer lab is unlocked when the building is open. Currently there is no printer available at this location. Residents may visit the computer lab to receive RAMP services during their hours of operation, but it is not available for personal use.

RAMP Hours of Operation: 12 PM – 9 PM, Sunday - Thursday, 12 PM – 5 PM Friday.

Second Floor of the JGC

The Housing Office is the central point of contact for our department. Here you can find answers to all of your Housing & Residence Life questions. Housing & Residence Life administrator offices are located here.

In the Housing Office, you may:

  • report a missing key card or keys
  • locate lost and found items
  • complete request to vacate forms
  • report mainteance problems (same day service requests)

The Housing Cashier may assist you with:

  • making housing and any myHumboldt Account payments
  • purchasing additional meal points
  • purchasing parking permits
  • answer questions and make changes to your Housing account


The JGC Mail Room is also located on the 2nd Floor. (Please see the Mail Services section for information.)

The Resident Housing Association (RHA) Office is located in the Trinity River Suite on the second floor of the Jolly Giant Commons. Watch for upcoming events or just come by and say hello to the RHA folks.

The ResNet Office is available to answer computer questions and problems that may arise. Wireless service is available throughout most of the JGC and Residence Halls. For more information please contact the ResNet desk at (707) 826-5532.

The Trinity River Suite is home to several offices, including the Residence Life Assistant Director, Area Coordinator, Coordinator of Canyon, Coordinator of Education & Engagement, and RHA.

Mail ServicesMailbox locations

  • Canyon, Hill and Cypress – 2nd floor of the Jolly Giant Commons (JGC).
  • Campus Apartments* and College Creek – Located at building site.
  • Creekview –  Creekside Lounge building.

Package pickup locations

  • Creekview, Canyon, Hill and Cypress – JGC Mail Room 2nd floor of the Jolly Giant Commons (JGC).
  • Campus Apartments* and College Creek – College Creek Mail Room 1st floor of Community Center on Harpst Street.

*Please note: United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers USPS mail and packages directly to Campus Apartments. Oversized USPS packages that do not fit in the mailbox or in the package lock boxes will be available for pick up at the Arcata Post Office located at 799 H St. UPS, FedEx and other carriers that deliver packages for Campus Apartments are received at the College Creek Mailroom.

The mailroom does not provide all the services of a United States Post Office (USPS). USPS, FedEx, UPS and Special Deliveries are received for distribution by mailroom staff.

Mail is sorted and delivered everyday with the exception of portions of Winter Break and designated legal holidays.

Residents will be notified by email if they have a package to pick up in either Mailroom. If you receive an email notifying you of a package, you will need to show your HSU ID to the mailroom staff during mailroom hours. Residents must have their mailbox key to receive their mail; the mailroom staff is unable to distribute mail to residents who do not have their key. If your key is lost, please go to the Housing Office to report a lost key.

Residents who receive items that require additional postage will be notified via letter from the USPS. They will then need to bring their notification letter and payment to the Arcata Post Office on 799 H St. to pick up their parcel.

It is critical that residents notify correspondents of changes to their room number to expedite delivery of mail. When you check out of the residence halls, be sure to update your myHumboldt Account to ensure that your mail can be sent to your new address. If you live in Campus Apartments you will also need to update your address through USPS. Forwarding cards are available at the Arcata Post Office or online at Please note that forwarding delays mail for approximately 10 days.

The use of mailboxes to distribute pamphlets, fliers, notices or other items by non-Housing & Residence Life Service groups is generally not permitted. Residents are responsible for the proper care of their mailboxes and may be held responsible for misuse of, or damage to, their mailbox.

Your official complete address is:

Canyon, Cypress and Hill Residents:
355 Granite Ave, Your Room Number
Arcata, CA 95521-7914

Creekview Residents:
3000 Granite Ave, Your Room Number
Arcata, CA 95521-7914

College Creek Residents:
1 Rossow St., Your Room Number
Arcata, CA 95521-7914

Campus Apartments Residents:
335 Laurel Dr., Apt. Number*
Arcata, CA 95521-7914

*Special note for Campus Apartments Residents: USPS has requested that you use only your apartment number for mailing address purposes (e.g., 17B). Your apartment number consists of a number, followed by a letter and another number (e.g., 17B1). DO NOT include the last digit when addressing mail.


The Third Floor of the JGC

The “J” Dining Commons and the “J” Grill (located within the “J” Dining Commons) are located on the third floor. You may access the dining facility from either the east or west entrance. Also found on the third level is a second elevator that allows access to the main campus without having to walk up the remaining portion of stairs.

Other Residence Hall Services

Connecting to the Internet ("ResNet")

In order to support the academic pursuits of residents, the department has installed ethernet ports in resident rooms, except for Campus Apartments which has wireless internet in every room. Wireless internet is also available throughout most of the JGC and the residence halls.

Each student has the opportunity to connect to the internet and the university campus network if he or she has a personal computer and an Ethernet cord. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the ResNet desk at (707) 826-5532 or view our “ResNet” website at You are responsible for compliance with this policy.


WASH Services provides laundry equipment in each area of the residence halls. The washers are high efficiency front-loading units that use far less water and, as a result, will use less detergent as well. The cost to do laundry is $1.50 per load to wash and $1.50 per hour to dry. Most machines operate with quarters or will also accept the “HSU C-Card” (your campus ID card); however some machines are only coin operated. By placing money on your C-Card account, you will be able to simply “swipe” your card and proceed. You can put money on your C-Card at the Housing Cashier (707) 826-5510, at the HSU Bookstore (707) 826-5845, or online at

Residents can check the status and availability of laundry machines by going online, .

Residents should report any malfunction of laundry equipment to the Housing office at (707) 826-3451. When calling, make sure you tell them the location of the machine as well as its three digit identification number, located on the front of the machine, and a description of the problem.

Refunds on malfunctioning laundry equipment are available from the Housing Cashier in the Housing Office Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. HSU is not responsible for any lost or stolen laundry items or items damaged while laundering. Residents are encouraged to stay in the laundry room when using laundry room equipment.

Keys / Lockouts

You are permitted free assistance with three lockouts during the academic year. After your third lockout, you will be charged $5 for each additional lockout; after six lockouts, you will be charged $10 for each additional lockout.

Residents who lose their key card will need to purchase a new HSU ID Card. The replacement fee of $5 is payable to the Housing Cashier. You may also replace your card at the HSU Cashier in the Student Business Services (SBS) building.  The ID Office will encode your card with your meal plan and C-Card account. Please bring your new ID card to the Housing Office Front Desk to be encoded for room access.

If you lock yourself out of your room during regular business hours (8am to 5pm) Monday through Friday, you may obtain a temporary access card for your room from the Housing Office for a short period of time while you retrieve your HSU card from your room. Proper identification from all borrowers will be required. Borrowing mailbox and drawer keys from the Housing Office also constitutes a lock-out.  If you lock yourself out or lose your key card after 5 p.m. weekdays or on the weekend or holidays, you can contact the Information Desk.     

For Campus Apartments residents, if you lose your key, you must report this immediately to the Housing Front Desk or the Information Desk (after business hours) for safety and security reasons for yourself, your belongings and roommate/suitemates. If you believe you have lost your key, a new lock must be installed the same day you notify Housing of your lost key. This will constitute a lockout and lockout charges will apply. 

Tampering with key cards, locks or other door hardware is strictly prohibited. You may not misuse your key card or hard key (for Campus Apartments residents). Lending your key card or hard key to another person is prohibited and may result in student conduct action. For fire safety reasons, additional locks may not be installed on your door. If circumstances warrant, residents may be billed for costs related to repairing locks and other hardware.

Key cards, hard keys, mailbox and drawer keys that do not function properly should be reported to the Housing Office so that replacement parts can be issued or repairs can be made. There will be a $35 charge to replace lost mailbox/drawer keys.


During the academic year, residents may store items in the storage rooms in each facility as long as they complete the storage tags for each item/box stored up to 12 cubic feet (based on space availability). Stored boxes must be removed prior to the end of the academic year in preparation for summer storage (information regarding storage removal will be given to you with the closing memo). Items not removed will be placed in cold storage and students will be billed a $50 administrative fee to obtain their stored items. If items in cold storage are not removed within the following year, the items will either be thrown away or donated to the community.

Residents who have signed a license and have a room assignment for the next academic year will be permitted to store 2 container(s), box(es) or suitcase(s) up to 12 cubic feet (2 containers/ boxes/ suitcases that are 12inches X 24 inches X 36inches) during the summer months in the location where they will be living the  following year. Residents must complete the storage tags for each box/suitcase stored and adhere to the regulations related to the storage of items. Residents who do not return to campus will be charged retroactively $25 per bag for the use of the storage space. These items will be moved to cold storage after one academic year, and then will either be thrown away or donated to the community.

Please note: we do not provide access to storage during the summer months.  HSU assumes no responsibility for damage or theft.